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  • Overview of opinion dynamics of various social communities

    In this paper we consider various dynamics of opinions in social communities. The purpose of this work is to show all the variety of patterns of changes in opinions in teams. An important aspect is the specific application of dynamics. The process depends on the type of social community. This research is very important.The study of patterns of change and formation of opinions in any team is the basis for two main goals. The first important goal is to find consensus in the team.The second important goal is to determine the ratings of all participants.The following dynamics are considered in the paper: De Groot, Friedkin-Jones, Hegselmann-Krause, model of dynamics with centers of influence, Deffuant - .Weisbuch, Zaller-Deffuant .

    Keywords: reputation, social community, game theory, opinion dynamics, influence, opinion, consensus, game-theoretic models, principal, player, agents, principal, player, agents