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  • Assessment of factors affecting the ecology of cities with hot climates and difficult terrain

    Southern cities with hot and calm climate conditions, located on difficult terrain due to the lack of sufficient aeration, are in an extreme ecological situation. Urban construction on difficult terrain affects the established local microclimate by changing the structure of the environment and hydrogeological conditions. In addition, the development of urban space and the construction of modern multi-storey buildings significantly affect the aerodynamics of the environment and ecology. In the article, on the basis of the analysis of the climatic parameters of the cities of Sochi, Makhachkala and field observations, the conditions under which the local air circulation is formed, contributing to the improvement of the ecological situation, are revealed. Models of the formation of aeration of urban space for different types of landscaping have been constructed The analysis performed will make it possible to correctly assess the factors influencing the formation of aeration of thermal origin and their role in improving the ecology of cities with hot and calm climate conditions.

    Keywords: wind, buildings, structures, landscaping, space, climate, region, analysis, landscape, aeration, ecology