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  • On the ratio of the strength parameters of sandy soils when tested in a compression odometer with measurement of lateral stresses and a single-plane shear device

    Methods and results of determining indicators of deformation and strength properties of soils using various laboratory test technologies are considered. The research objective is to verify the methodological correctness of the results obtained from tests in a compression odometer chamber with the ability to measure lateral stresses. The relevance of this development lies in the possibility of replacing this device with testing to determine the strength characteristics of the soil in shear devices. The results of tests of fine sand lying at the base of the projected sports and recreation complex at one of the construction sites in Penza are presented. The influence of the used test methods on the obtained values ​​of the strength and deformability characteristics is shown. Correlation indicators are revealed and corresponding conclusions and proposals are given. There is a possibility that the method is valid when some correlation coefficients are used. Therefore, in the future, it is necessary to conduct tests on different types of soils with the possible compilation of tables of conversion factors.

    Keywords: sand, laboratory test methods; single-plane cut, odometric tests, strength characteristics, deformation characteristics