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  • Automation of calculation of indexes construction works by using "TotalExpert: Analytics"

    The article is devoted to resolving issues that arise when planning capital investments in the "Gazpromneft" PJSC Exploration and Production Block. The basic concepts of indices in cost engineering are disclosed. The article presents the prerequisites for the development of construction and installation indexes for the oil and gas industry. An example of calculating indices is presented, as well as factors that affect these calculations. A review of the automated index calculation process is made. The advantages of automation of this process are revealed. The advantages of calculating indices using the resource-technological model are determined. It also examines the use of construction and installation indices for the oil and gas industry based on the TotalExpert: Analytics program at the "Gazpromneft" subsidiary. There is a detailed analysis of this software and a description of working with it.

    Keywords: indices, installation and construction works, automation, resource-technological model