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  • Project risk management: working with contractors

    No major construction project is implemented without the involvement of contractors who perform significant work in the field of geodesy, design, equipment manufacturing, construction, control and commissioning of the object. In the conditions of market economy the existence of risk is inevitable for all participants in the construction project. Risks are one of the most serious problems of the customer, who needs to keep the limit of the estimated cost of a construction project unchanged. If negative external risks cannot be regulated, internal risks can be minimized or eliminated. Analysis of the experience of customers in the oil and gas industry of the Tyumen region draws attention to the relevance of the problem today. The article presents technical, financial, and organizational risks as the most common, and identifies ways to manage them.

    Keywords: the customer's and contractor's responsibilities, risk insurance, reserve funds

  • Problems of introduction of BIM technologies on the example of enterprises of the city of Tyumen and the Tyumen region

    High-tech software has firmly entered the work of the design and construction complex of Russia, which allows you to create a single digital information model of the object. Awareness of the importance of using BIM - technologies to overcome the problems of their implementation is a paramount task today. The presented analysis of the situation at micro-enterprises, small, medium and large enterprises of the design and construction industry of the city of Tyumen and the Tyumen region allows us to pay attention to the pressing problems of implementing BIM-technologies today. BIM - technologies are innovative in the construction business, and we are very enthusiastic about them, considering that they are the future of the design and construction industry.

    Keywords: awareness of the importavce of using BIM - technologies, a single digital information model of the object, the life cycle of an object, software products, software subscription, process management