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Tumakova J.A., About  the forum of young engineers and scientists of Don.
On February, 27th in Expocentre "Vertol-Expo" (Rostov-on-Don, Nagibin's avenue, 30) has taken place «Forum of young engineers and scientists of Don», prepared and organized by Association «High technologies», the Rostov branch of the Russian engineering academy (RB REA), Southern federal university and Administration of the Rostov region. Forum carrying out had for an object to draw attention of the scientific and engineering public to rendering of support in the decision of problems of young experts.
Keywords: scientific and technical development, innovations, high technologies, consolidation of efforts, Council of young engineers and scientists, the summary

Motin V.N., The future for you, dear friends!
The report of the Chairman of Presidium of the Rostov regional branch of the Russian engineering academy at a forum of young engineers and scientists of Don on February, 27th, 2009.
Keywords: scientific and technical development, innovations, high technologies, consolidation of efforts, Council of young engineers and scientists, a priority role of engineers and scientists

Astapov K.A., Applying wavelet transformation for reducing ranges of values of artificial neural networks by an example of the speech recognition problem.
In the given article a method is proposed for speeding up learning and generalizing capabilities of a neural network by reducing the range of values taken by the network. Based on this principle, a new modification of neural networks is proposed - neural networks with a module of inverse wavelet decomposition of a signal. An example of speech recognition problem is used for analyzing the method. Its efficiency is confirmed by the results of simulation on a PC.
Keywords: artificial neuron network, speech recognition, wavelet, wavelet transform, wavelet analysis, phoneme recognition task

Sedin E. B., Technological features of plastic deformation of corrosion-proof alloys at manufacturing of precision details of dosing pumps.
The analysis of conditions of manufacturing of gear wheels of dosing pumps has shown that at high-speed precision metal working of stainless steels, the processes occurring in a zone tribo-contact «the tool - a processed detail», are not always explainable by means of usual classical laws of a friction, wear process and the theory of dimensional processing by cutting. It is necessary to use new directions of the theory нано machining, to consider a power condition of deformable system, to consider on нано level various mechanisms of elastic and plastic deformation of alloys, to spend computer modeling of process of cutting and grinding, etc. conducted researches have allowed to make on machine tools with ChPU C740D JUNG and S21cnc. STUDER details, including gear wheels for dosing pumps from not magnetic corrosion-proof alloys on 5 class of accuracy.
Keywords: wear resistance, tribointerfaces, gear wheels, plastic deformations, precision processing

Sinelshchikov P.V., Novozhilov A.S., Diagnosing of the electro driving armatures using continues wavelet – transformations.
The method of definition an electro engine armatures technical condition, based on use continuous wavelet - transformations is offered.
Key words: diagnostics, electro driving armature, wavelet - transformation, current.

Abidova E.A., The Application of the Bearing Mask of the fixtures Electroengine Current Spectrum for Defect Diagnostics.
The article tells about the applicability of the bearing mask method using in vibro-acceleration spectrum analysis for current spectrum analysis. The article presents algorithms of bearing mask spectrum getting. Realization of the algorithms results in bearing mask getting, which were used in fixtures electric drive condition express-diagnostics.
Key words: diagnostics, fixtures, spectrum, mask, current, vibro-acceleration

Astapov K.A., Analysis  of  the gradient for neural networks with wavelet decomposition of the target vector.
In  the  given  article  analysis  of  the gradient for some cases of neural  networks  with  wavelet  and wavelet-like decomposition of the target  vector  (NNWLDT)  is presented. NNWLDT is a new type of neural networks  specialized in speech recognition and signal transformation. It allows to increase the speed and quality of learning as compared to the  standard  perceptron. The presented analysis shows that NNWLDT in quite  a  wide scope is more effective than the standard multi-layered perceptron.
Key words: NNWLDT,  NNWDT,  neural  networks with wavelet-like decomposition of the  target vector, neural networks with wavelet-like decomposition of the target vector, efficiency of neural nets, speech recognition

Svechkarev V.P., Models and mechanisms of interrelation and interaction of participants of hi-tech innovations: from design management to the multi agent community.
The actual problem of the organization of system of target interaction of researchers, engineers, technologists and other experts is considered, allowing to make available unique equipment accessible for a wide range of users and, thereby, to reduce a problem of deficiency of hi-tech scientific and industrial resources in Southern federal district. It is shown that insoursing, namely, creations of steady external relations with potential consumers of the unique scientific equipment and increase of efficiency of its commercial use, it is expedient to carry out the problem decision on the basis of model of network community and the modified model of a contract network. Thus all participants of network community can use wide communicative possibilities for discussion of conditions of granting of services.
Keywords: insoursing, network community, a contract network, the unique equipment

Mochtchenko I.N., Tovarovskaya N.M., Kharabaev N.N., Yatsenko V.K.,  Calculation of axial symmetry vibrations of the ferroelectric ceramics cylinder with tangential polarization and excitation.
At calculation of vibrations of piezoelectric bodies under the influence of electric excitation it is necessary to solve in common the equations of an electrostatics, the elasticity and piezoelectricity theory. And such problems it is much more difficult than problems of the usual theory of elasticity. In work the new method of calculation allowing in some cases to simplify a problem and to spend calculation up to the end in an analytical kind is offered. It consists in reduction of the joint equations of an electrostatics, elasticity and piezoelectric to the equations of the theory of elasticity with effective volume force, construction of an infinite chain of the enclosed equations, with volume force, which is asymptotic decreasing to zero, and search of decisions in the form of the sum of absolutely converging sequences. The offered method is illustrated on a calculation example in two-dimensional approach of axial symmetry modes of the ferroelectric ceramics cylinder with tangential polarization and tangential electric excitation.
Keywords: acoustic vibrations, the ferroelectric ceramics cylinder, the theoretical analysis, the joint equations of an electrostatics, elasticity and piezoelectricity, the analytical decision, axial symmetry mode, resonant frequencies