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Figovsky O.L. «The newest nanotechnologies (review) »
Given article represents the review of the newest nanotechnologies. Advancing development of nanotechnologies in the world is connected with such areas of its application as the microelectronics, special materials, power and military technology. The data cited in article shows wide application of new nanotechnologies in various branches of technique.

Keywords: nanotechnologies, nanotubes, graphene transistors, microelectronics.

Alperovich  I.G. «Case study of the theoretical Ru L2,3-edges XANES spectra simulation method convergence within density functional theory (DFT) for [Ru(NH3)6]3+ crystals»

The paper deals with analysis of calculations details of the Ru L2,3-edges XANES spectra simulation method based on dipole matrix elements integration using DFT. A convergence of the calculation procedure with previously published parameters for [Ru(NH3)6]3+ crystals is demonstrated. It’s proved that sufficiently small integration area and large inter-point step can be applied, which decreases computational demands and offers prospects of application the technique to XANES spectra simulations for Ru-coordinated water oxidation catalysts to promote research in the solar power engineering.

Keywords: Ru L edge, XANES, DFT, density functional theory, X-ray absorption spectroscopy, hexoaminoruthenium, Ru(NH3)6.

Mazov M.S. «Impact of crisis on the marketing activity and company management»

In crisis conditions zero information about market, disadvantages of management make the company weak. Also, it deprives exemption in changing external conditions. Existence of marketing information and proper strategies, based on research can protect the company in every economic situation. Crisis reveals vast amount of perspectives ante forward-looking companies.  Usually it causes redivision of the market, that’s why firms, which can use new conditions in recession period, will grow. In such condition companies choose flexible marketing politics in order to surmount the crisis without serious consequences. Or they use anti-crisis move for caveat financial crash.

Keywords: crisis, symptom, panic, boom, diagnostics, marketing environment monitoring, anti-crisis ways.

 Jazyeva S.B., Kulinich P.B., Svistunova V.A. «The defect reasons in technologies of exact molding and methods of their elimination»

The article deals with three main causes of defects in the production of accurate casting. The methods of removing them.

Keywords: defect in the casting, a kind of defect, reasons for defect.


Sophieva U.N., Abramov K.V. «The application of simulating complex software ChemCAD in training complexes for the study automation systems of distillation columns»
There are difficulties with the lack of opportunities for carrying out experiments on real objects, when teaching students the basics of automatic control in the food, chemical and petrochemical industries. This article discusses the possibility of simulating complex software ChemCAD to study the distillation process, which allows to simulate the real object of his mathematical models, conduct research of static and dynamic conditions, study the characteristics of the various control systems of processes.

Keywords: distillation, ChemCAD, modeling, training equipment, automation.

Akopyan V.F.  «Test models of screw piles»
The article deals with the deformation characteristics of screw piles and drilling piles. The order, making models of piles and preparation of the test stand. Given the results of trough experiments performed in the laboratory.

Keywords: screw pile, drilled pile, soil, foundation, bearing capacity, settlement, and the test stand.


Jafarov Nizami Duman oglu «Analysis of corrosion wear loaded hollow sphere»
In this paper the behavior of a hollow sphere loaded with internal and external pressures is examined. In addition, in the cavity corrosive wear is uniformly distributed over the surface, resulting in increase in the volume of the cavity. From the solution of the problem the limiting value of time corresponding to the second invariant of the exertion tensor reaching the limiting value for the points of the cavity has been identified.

Keywords: corrosion, wear, hollow sphere, limited pressure, limited time.

Bespalov V.I., Protopopova D.A. «An analysis of methodological approaches to the selection of equipment in operation obespylivajut aggregate supply asphalt plant»
In constructing a process model for the site contamination suction inert materials for process equipment we consider aggregate supply asphalt plant. The estimation of efficacy of procedures for the selection of equipment to capture the contaminants and clean the air from them.

Keywords: asphalt concrete plant, dust particles, pollutants, dust control system.

Chantha Ho «Assessment of the actual VAT of designs of a house in of Belovo Kemerovskoy by results of tool inspection»
In this paper, an example of spatial mechanical-mathematical model of a building in an emergency Belovo Kemerovo region analyze the possibility of assessing the actual condition of buildings and structures on the basis of geodetic observations and a series of numerical experiments. The data obtained were used to develop a methodology for assessing the technical state of buildings and structures on the basis of monitoring.

Keyword: differential settlement, geodetic observations, finite-element model.


Kasyanov V. E., Zajtseva M.M., Kotesova A.A., Kotesov A.A., Kotova S.V. «Settlement and experimental definition of a gamma and percentage resource of an arrow of the odnokovshovy excavator for population of final volume»
In article the method of calculation gamma percentage fatigue resource of an arrow shovel excavator for population of final volume, by means analytical method of definition parameters of Weibull distribution is offered.
The made computing experiment has shown that the developed method allows receiving gamma percentage value of a fatigue resource of an arrow shovel excavator by means of transition from the sample data to the population data.

Keywords: a resource, an arrow, shovel excavator, population, Weibull.

Kurgin K. V., Mailyan D. R. «Operation of columns made of concrete with expanded clay aggregates of fibers and additives for infrequently repeated loads»
The influence of infrequently repeated loads on the work of concrete columns with a filler of expanded clay and fiber supplements. Comparative test results are less, depending on the flexibility of the columns, the eccentricity of the external force, the coefficient of reinforcement and loading options. These results suggest that infrequently repeated loading increases the carrying capacity of columns, compared with a single loading. This is especially effective for columns with low flexibility and low eccentricities of the external force.

Keywords: column, concrete withexpanded clayaggregatesoffibersand additives, bearing capacity, infrequently repeatedloading, mixed reinforcement, flexibility.

Lila V.B. «Analysis and software implementation of adaptive method of training neural networks»

Adaptive method is general gradient method. There is a comparative analysis of gradient methods with experimental program. As a result, adaptive method is the best gradient method. So, proposed to use this method in optimize error’s function training of neural network.

Keywords: neural networks, gradients methods, training’s methods, analysis training’s methods.

Lipkin M.S., Smirnova N.V., Kuriganova A.B. «Investigation of cathodic intercalation possibility of alkaline metals in platinum under the influence of an alternating pulse current»

In this work process of cathodic intercalation of alkaline metals in platinum under the influence of an alternating pulse current from aqueous and no aqueous solution contains the alkaline metals cations was investigated. By means of a method pulse chronopotentiometry was established that the processes proceeding at the cathodic polarization of platinum as in aqueous (alkaline and neutral) as in no aqueous electrolits include electrochemical adsorption of solvents molecules and intercalation of alkaline metal into the adsorption layer. Thus, intercalation of alkaline metals into the oxidized surface of platinum proceeds easier than into the pure platinum.

Keywords: Cathodic intercalation, intercalation capacity, platinum.

Ponomareva E. I."Improving the processing of data using cloud computing."
The author of the technique to improve data processing helps to reduce the cost of servers and network equipment. Described cloud model increase reliability of IT resources and contribute to the flexibility of IT infrastructure.

Keywords: cloud computing, data processing, security of IT resources, the properties of the cloud environment, the types of computing server.

Sirotkin A. V. «Priority planning of processes of the supply with information in the automated system»
In article questions of construction of operating plans of ranks and priorities of information procedures for optimum control realization by information processes in the automated information system are considered. The planning basis is made by hesh-functions of ranks and the priorities, concerning both to subjects, and to objects of information interaction. Optimization process is provided with a choice of such ranks and corresponding operating plans which define extreme values of criterion function of system.

Keywords: a rank, a priority, the plan, information service, information procedure.

Ventsov N. N. «Working out of algorithm of management by process of adaptation of the indistinct design metadata»
On the basis of the adaptation automatic machine the algorithm is developed, allowing is adaptive to correct parameters of function of an accessory of the design data. Updating of parameters of function of an accessory is offered to be carried out on the basis of the analysis of reaction of the designer on results of inquiries. The given approach allows to correct degrees of an accessory of design decisions to corresponding values of logic variables on the basis of subjective consecutive opinions of experts. Thus presence of the mechanism of adaptation allows to reduce influence single, dropping out of the general concept, opinions.

Keywords: the adaptation automatic machine, the indistinct data, updating.

Sapronov A.G., Alekhin S.N., Petrosov S.P. « The study of the dynamics in the washing machine during the spin cycle»
The questions devoted to the influence of textiles on the mass of vibration washing machine drum with horizontal axis of rotation in a centrifugal spinning. Feature of the research is to consider changes in the mass production during the spin cycle when calculating the amplitudes of transverse vibrations, including during acceleration and passing through the resonance zone. The object of the study used a modern model of household washing machines. Initial operational parameters were varied, based on the actual values for the machines of this type. In this paper the results of the study the graphs, the analysis of the data. The results can be used to study the dynamics of washing machines to improve their systems protecting from the vibrations.
Keywords: Washing machines, dynamics, vibration amplitudes, Effect of mass production.

Jazyeva S.B., Kulinich P.B., Svistunova V.A.  «Manufacturing techniques of forms from two-componental silicone compounds»
In this paper we describe fully all stages of manufacture of plastic forms. The benefits of using "Pentelasta-710." Due to the simplicity of use, environmental, safety, diversity of products offered, a two-component silicone rubber is a promising structural material.

Keywords: «PENTELAST-710», Viksint I-18, production technology forms.

Pushenko S.L. «The principles of the labor safety risks management strategy production»

It is presented the mechanism of the labor safety risk management strategy determination based on principle ALARA (as low as reasonably applicable). This approach means maximum possible risk level reduction achieved by the real presented but as usual limited enterprises resource. It is presented the risk control results which is include variable selection between preservation (abolishing), reduction (prevention) or risk transfer.
Keywords: risk, risk management, labor safety.

Borodina N., Bogdanova I. «Some aspects of realizing a policy while informatizing the education in present day Russia»

Informatization problems in the sphere of education in the federal and long-term target programmes of modernizing the education have been considered. Special attention has been focused on the problems of introducing information technologies into the educational system and higher education.

Keywords: informatizing the society, informatizing the education, information policy; information technologies.


Kovalenko E. V. «Diagnosis of evolutional of mezolevel subregional postdepression on bases PEST-analysis the development of the local grain and food market of the Eastern Donbass. »
Development and improvement of local grains and food markets in the mining areas, as well as regional concerns sector agro-industrial complex of the Eastern Donbass region have contributed to the creation of centers for institutional modernization of the regional economy. To identify the political, economic, social and technological factors of the external macro environment, which could have a significant impact on their business, important is analysis of institutional and market position in form of PEST-analysis. 

Keywords: region, local market, institutional environment, PEST-analysis, macromedia, trade, protectionism, state support.

Kulagin A.V.  «Tentative estimation returns of heat pipes of a difficult configuration»
The grafo-analytical way of an estimation of loss on теплоотдачу in pipes on the basis of experiences of Mjuraura is offered.

Keywords: Pipe, return of heat, product, pressure, speed of movement, difficult configuration.

Pushenko S.L. «The model of the labor safety risks reducing dissections optimization»

It is presented the model of labor safety risks management enable to carry out of the risk value analysis and to take over the administrative dissections purposeful for it reduction till the limit of acceptable risk.
The mathematical model description take into consideration the limitation of the means for labor safety measure realization so as all involved member’s interests.

Keywords: risk, risk management, labor safety, mathematical model.

Shekhovtsov K.V. «Tractor’s Cabin Vibration Isolators Testing»
The article deals with construction of stand for tractor cabin vibration isolator’s static, dynamic and rescores characteristics research. The method and results of rubber vibration isolator’s static and dynamic rigidity research are given.

Keywords: tractor cabin suspension, vibration isolator, static rigidity, dynamic rigidity, vibration isolators test bench.

Borodina N.A., Podoprigora S.Ya.  «Role of subject of informatizing highеr education in modern Russia»

The article deals with both advantages and disadvantages of applying information technologies to education, developing role of a person in connection with the transformation of a contemporary society, training a teacher of a new type. The attitude towards the state of higher education and innovations in educational practice is analyzed.

Keywords : informatizing the society, informatizing the education, information technologies.


Lebedev Y.Y.  «The methods of tariff regulation in sphere electro power of natural monopolies (the critical analysis) » 
In article negative effects of reforming of electric power industry are is considered. Is analyzed used methods of regulation of natural monopolies, including a method of Regulatory Asset Base(RAB). The reasons of amplification of regulating influence on natural monopolies are revealed.

Keywords: economy of the region, natural monopoly, management, national economic development, innovation, efficiency.

Bespalov V.I., Evtushenko A.I. «Research of processes of formation and noise radiation at consolidation of a concrete mix in metal forms at factories ZHBI»
It is established that the basic sources of noise at manufacturing of ferro-concrete products are any noise activators, however sound energy is radiated, basically, the metal surfaces transferring fluctuations of a concrete mix. Research of processes of formation and noise radiation is conducted.

Keywords: Sound pressure, сconcrete mix, working zone, forming shops of factory ZHBI.

Bazhenov V.A., Vladykin I.R., Kolomiets A.P. «Increase of overall performance of a drive of the oil switch»
In article the urgency of increase of overall performance of the electric drive of the oil switch in rural electric networks is proved. Possibility of application as the electric drive for oil switches of the cylindrical linear asynchronous electric motor is opened. In the mathematical form bases of work of electric motors of this kind are described. Results of calculations which confirm economic feasibility of application of the conclusions presented in article are resulted.

Keywords : the cylindrical linear asynchronous electric motor, the Switch oil, the Electric drive, overall performance Increase.

Abramov K. V., Smirnov V. N., Sophieva U. N. «Program logical control by distillation columns»
Distillation columns are characterized by fluctuations of feed settings of unit in a wide range because of its specificity. Deficiency of continuous analyzers in the control loop of the process/ making it practically impossible to implement of automation control system of upper’s product composition. This article is devoted on the algorithm of program logical control of rectification columns.

Keywords: ChemCAD, distillation, automation, controller, automation control system.

Nazarko O.V., Pavlov I.V., Chernov A.V. «Modeling of an optimal telecommunication channels performance under condition of the guaranteed and unguaranteed delivery of datagrams»
In work a task in view about achievement of optimal performance of telecommunication channels. Technical aspects of management by a pass-band of channels by means of the organization of virtual switched channels are considered. The parameters influencing guaranteed delivery of the information are formally defined. The model and the decision of a problem of management in parameters of the guaranteed delivery of the information in the communication channels, based on methods of the theory of stochastic processes and the risk analysis theory are offered.

Keywords: telecommunication systems reliability, telecommunication systems modeling, stochastic processes, optimal risks control.

Emelyanov D.V. «A study of efficiency drills with variable pitch helix»

At present, in modern engineering is the question of raising the productivity of high-temperature processing of products and composite materials (plastics). When handling these products holes plays a crucial role to increase the rigidity, wear resistance of cutting tools and as a consequence, reduced the marriage. Increased tool life is possible in two ways: by improving the physical and mechanical characteristics of the material of the cutting tool (eg, carbide), or developing the most efficient design. The study and practical application of the laws of the process of cutting of plastics and other composite materials used in engineering allows them to more effectively manage in order to increase productivity and efficiency. Comparison of patterns of the cutting process plastics with the laws of the process of metal cutting is only necessary to take into account their differences in the processing on machine tools using cutting tools.

Keywords: cutting tools, composite materials, processing of the holes.


Glebova E.M. «Formation of an information mechanism to improve the quality at the construction company»

The article analyses the problem of formation of an information mechanism to improve the quality at the construction company. It establishes the possibility of improving product quality and production efficiency through the constructive process management of this mechanism. The article substantiates the need for the application of information systems, methods and technologies for effective information management and quality management system. It is proposed an information mechanism to monitor the quality of works performed at all stages of production.

Keywords: an information mechanism to improve the quality; effective information management; quality management system; information systems, methods and technologies; information management processes; improving the quality of the information system; the quality of performed works.

Kopytov E. Yu., Lutchenko S. S. «Safety increasing based on optimization of preventive maintenance interval of technological radio communication facilities»
In the article methodology of safety increasing based on optimization interval of preventive maintenance (PM) of technological radio communication facilities by the instrumentality of simulation of operation and PM process is considered. The algorithm is based on simulation of embedded Markov chain.
Keywords: safety, preventive maintenance, periodicity of maintenance support, Semi-Markov process, simulation.

Litvin A.V. «Regional sport complex as an object of diagnostics»
Although the general situation in Russia’s sports is improving, it is still in difficult position in subsidized provincial regions. Main reasons for this lie in the lack of clear sport policy of local authorities that give a priority to professional rather than grassroots sports. It lacks the complete information of the resources and opportunities available in regional sports. The article analyzes theoretical issues of regional sport systematic diagnostics. It highlights the notion, content and basic concepts of its economic diagnostics.

Keywords: regional sport complex, resources, opportunities, potential, economic diagnostics.

Lyubchenko A. A. «CAD system of industrial technological radio communication maintenance schedule»
In the article mathematical and software support of CAD system of maintenance schedule of radio communication means used in different operating procedures is considered. CAD mathematical support is presented by analysis algorithms of a process of operation and maintenance support (MS) of radio communication means, and it also includes optimization methods for estimating of a basic scheduled parameter, interval of MS. CAD software support has a modal structure and contains application package and GUI. The application package implements design procedures of analysis and synthesis. CAD system permits to simulate facility’s process of operation and MS in automate mode and to estimate recommended value of rational interval of its MS.

Keywords: algorithm, design automation, interval of maintenance support, radio facility, optimization.

Pershin V. A, Sapronov A. G., Adigamov K.A. «Intensity of thermal streams, as criterion of the estimation of efficiency of the refrigerating cycle»

In article the method of research of intensity of inflow and heat selection in a subsystem of the refrigerating unit, as criterion of efficiency of a refrigerating cycle at various stages of life cycle of the refrigerator is offered. As an example it is accepted household the refrigerator.
Introduction. Duration of working and non-working parts of a refrigerating cycle компрессионных (in that specific case) refrigerators depends on temperature of the environment (air) surrounding a refrigerating case, a case thermal protection (heat conductivity factor), the set temperature in the cooling chamber, productivity of cold (mass productivity of the compressor and speed, pressure of a coolant).
Problem statement. In the conditions of the fixed parameters and the conditions listed above, duration of working and non-working parts of a refrigerating cycle is defined by a known technique (for example, dependences (35) and (41) in work [1]).
However this technique doesn't allow investigating duration of a refrigerating cycle at variable values of such indicators, as intensity of thermal streams in the refrigerator evaporator (inflow and heat selection) and as a whole in the refrigerator. The account of these indicators is the defining factor at research of questions of increase productivity of cold, power efficiency, optimization of parameters of refrigerators.

Keywords: criterion of efficiency, intensity of thermal streams, refrigeration machine, inflow and selection of heat, vaporizer.

Skorev M. M, Kirischieva I. R. «Development of forms of organizing production in the context of forming of business entities Industry»
This article analyzes the main trends in the development of forms of organizing production in the system of business entities, such as concentration, specialization, cooperation, integration. The authors raise issues interdependence and interpenetration of forms of organizing production, as well as their relationship with the development of logistics as a specific form of production organization.

Keywords:Forms of organization of production, concentration, specialization, cooperation, combination, commercial education, logistics.

Subbotina I.U. «Manpower in system «person-manufacture»: identification, a casting, inte In article manpower in aspect kompetentnostny the approach»
In article manpower in aspect kompetentnostny the approach including is considered: the organizational capital, the capital of manpower, intellectualization of manpower in a modern society.
Keywords: Manpower, the organizational capital, the capital of manpower, the human capital, intellectualization of manpower.

Skorev M. M, Kirischieva I. R. «Renovation of the labor force - is a tool to improve the efficiency of labor»
The authors focus on issues of reproduction of labor through their renovation, which serves as a tool to improve the efficiency of labor. Also, justifies the need of effective organization of health and recreation, social protection for the workforce through the use of renovation services.

Keywords: Labor resources, renovation, efficiency, health, business, social protection.

Skuryatin N.F., Meretskiy S.V. « Improving the process of planting crops on sloping soils»
In order to reduce energy costs, flood runoff and storm water from the hillside areas for planting of crops the following things are developed: energy resource saving sowing method, design and technological scheme of planting sections of all-crop fertilizer drill, an analytical model of the interaction of structural elements on the basis of combined shoe lancet foot with the ground, forming in it furrow with the specified parameters to accommodate two rows of seeds along with fertilizer, an analytical model for the grain movement on fertilizer funnel and beyond it, design and technological parameters of the developed seed section. The technical and economic evaluation method is given taking into account the yield increase obtained by comparative evaluation with traditional technology of winter wheat cultivation.

Keywords: Soil, planting, slope, method, device, fertilizers, energy-saving.

Bonokhova A.O. « Information system for the automated choice of the operative advertising distribution channel»
Definition of the basic aspects of creation of an effective print advertising. Development of the information system of the automated choice of the channel of operative advertising distribution.
Keywords: information system, operative advertising, print advertising, channel of the advertising message distribution.

Maiba I.A., Glazunov D.V. «The theoretical basis of a mixed mechanism (semi fluid) lubricant in contact «solid envelope lubricating rod-wheel-rail».
Proposed theoretical basis for the mechanism of mixed (semifluid) lubricant in the interaction of solid lubricants shell rods with a contact "wheel-rail." The techniques for determining the average regulatory life of solid lubricants shell lubricants rods and medium wear a shell of solid lubricants shell rods in various combinations of shells at different temperature ranges. Developed a fundamentally new way to study the tribological solid lubricant rods shell "shell holder - clip". Determined on the basis of laboratory studies of a new lubricating rods with good lubricity increased resource consumption and less lubrication at elevated temperatures, contact compared with a typical sample of lubricating rods.

Keywords: Mixed lubrication, solid lubricants shell rods, pin «wheel-rail», the average regulatory life lubrication, the average wear of the shell, a new way of tribological research «shell holder – clip».

Klimovа N.V. «Resourced - the foundation of economic security agrarian sector organizations»
The paper disclosed the definition of "resource potential", "resourced" and their differences in concepts, shows the relationship between the security company resources and their economic security, proposed a system of indicators that form the economic security of the agricultural organizations in the resources framework, defined by the tools of organizational and economic mechanism for the formation of an effective resourced system aimed at improving the safety of the enterprises of the agrarian sector of the economy.

Keywords: resources, security, safety, efficiency, agriculture, multifactorial, risk, technical equipment, investment, innovation.

Magomadova H.A. «Problems of the social-ecological- economic effectiveness of interaction of society and nature»
The need for the search for new ways and approaches to the solution of the ecological estimation problems of the social-ecological- economic result of the activity of economic subjects is analyzed and the importance of the theory of effectiveness as one of the priority conceptual- methodological directions of a study predetermines.  By key category with the study of this problem are use of natural resources, totality of economic relations, productive forces, connected with the primary awarding of the elements of environment, their conversion and adaptation for the satisfaction of diverse social demands. The successful solution of the social and economic problems of the protection of nature, economical utilization and reproduction of natural resources is inseparably connected with the solution of scientific and technical and technological problems in the region of the protection of the environment.

Keywords: Social-ecological- economic effectiveness, steady development, the protection of nature, environment.

Nikulina M. A. «Biotechnologies in medicine and modern society: bioethical aspect. »
In this article is shown the role of biotechnologies in medicine, in development of modern society and mankind. There are considered the basic directions of actualization of application of biotechnologies. The great attention is given to social aspects of development of biotechnologies - safety, bioethics’ problems, and moral responsibility of scientists in the modern world. Simultaneously, in article are defined the main problems of an investigated subject connected with questions of bioethics and biosafety are specified, and also possibilities of their permission with a view of maintenance of safe biotechnological progress. The article is proved the influence of knowledge of bioethics on system of social motivation of biotechnological researches and practical application of biotechnologies that is rather actual for social knowledge.

Keywords: biotechnologies, medicine, society, bioethics, social norms, bioethical knowledge, social responsibility.
Rossinskaya M.V., Rossinskiy N.P. «Ecological monitoring elements, their short characteristic and influence on quality of surrounding environment and health of the population of region»
In article basic elements of ecological monitoring which are subdivided on two groups are opened: industrially-household and sanitary-epidemilogicheskie, the economic-mathematical model of the resultant mechanism of influence of elements of environment on population health is offered.

Keywords: monitoring, monitoring elements, monitoring parameters, environment, population health, the influence mechanism.

Ashhotov A.Y., .Bevov R.K, Ashhotov V.Y. « Productive and economic and organizational problems of investment in regional agrarian and industrial complexes»
Article is intended for the potential investors, wishing to be engaged in agricultural production in Russia. In the short form a number of problems of the production of goods usually ignored at decision-making on investment is analyzed. The basic attention is given the productive and economic and organizational problems arising at investment in plant growing in southern regions Russian Federations.

Keywords: agrarian and industrial complex, plant growing, investment, productive and economic problems, organizational problems.


Ashhotov A.Y., Gladkova E.V. « Choice of base settlement indicators when developing business plans of investments into agrarian and industrial complex»
Article is intended for the investors, wishing to enclose means in agrarian and industrial complex of Russia, and also the experts who are engaged in working out of corresponding business plans. The basic attention is given a problem of an adequate choice of sizes of the base settlement parameters used by working out of business plans of investments in plant growing. Article is written on the basis of real experience of investment to agriculture of the Russian Federation, and also the analysis of some operating business plans.

Keywords: agrarian and industrial complex, plant growing, investment, business planning, base settlement parameters.

Uligov A.A. «The state, its place and role in development of modern sphere of services»

Existing theoretical positions of influence state (regional, municipal) controls on development of sphere of services assume preservation of a corresponding parity between the market and the state intervention in economic and economic life of the enterprises and the organizations of the given sphere of a national economy of region. It can be reached at observance of the general principle which essence is reduced to competition presence everywhere, where probably, regulations there where it is necessary.

Keywords: sphere of services, forms, methods, the state, state regulation, federal.


Kerimov  I. A., Debiev M. V., Magomadov R. A-M.  «The use of hydroelectric pumped storage aggregates in the energy system of Chechen Republic»
Hydroelectric pumped storage power station review has been done in Chechen Republic in order to adapt electric energy input loading according to hours and seasons. The main rivers descriptions were mentioned a matter of the greatest concern for hydropower industry development.

Keywords: power supply, electric power, renewable energy sources, hydroelectric pumped storage.

Belaya E.N.  «Problems of providing comprehensive schools qualitative conditions of training»
School building – difficult system which should include and be able to answer in itself to a complex of requirements of a modern society: territorially-demographic, socially-pedagogical, technical, sanitary-and-hygienic and economic character. About a current of time of norm and the society requirement changed to the organization and process of carrying out of educational activity at schools. For today's time the basic part of school buildings have become outdated as in technical, and morally and not can it is high-grade and comprehensively provide an all-around development of pupils. In article modern requirements of a society to training conditions at schools are considered. Lacks of existing conditions are revealed and actions for modernization of educational institutions are offered.

Keywords: school, formation, a society, progress, modernization.

Kerimov I. A., Debiev M. V., Magomadov R. A-M.  «Resources of solar and wind energy of the Chechen republic»
Hydroelectric pumped storage power station review has been done in Chechen Republic in order to adapt electric energy input loading according to hours and seasons. The main rivers descriptions were mentioned a matter of the greatest concern for hydropower industry development.

Keywords: power supply, electric power, renewable energy sources, hydroelectric pumped storage.

Akhmadov M.-E.I., Novoselova N. N.     «Software development reproduction of the regional economy in view of factors financial, investment, consumer and institutional»
In this paper a study of problems and patterns of resource, especially financial, investment, consumer and institutional support of the driving forces of the reproduction process of socio-economic development of regional economies. Found that the reproduction process is a set of sequential change of states and actions, based on the innovative character of consumer investment, financial, and institutional activity, conserving resources, necessary and surplus product, the growth of labor productivity.

Keywords: Region, the regional economy, reproductive development, factors, quality of life.

Dergieva A.I., Novoselova N. N.   «Study of Current and future development trend of educational services in the regional context»
In this paper a study of problems, trends and patterns of development of educational services across the regions of the North Caucasus federal district. We construct a multiple regression equation expressing the dependence of the number of students in the subjects of North Caucasus Federal District of several factors. Identified the functions of state bodies and administration of educational services in the current economic conditions.

Keywords: The scope of educational services, region, development factors, prospects, trends and patterns.


Sarkisyan A.A. «Aspects of functioning and tendency of development of housing and communal services and its components»
In a review the author carries out detailed research of various aspects of functioning of housing and communal services, market factors and the conditions influencing processes of its development. The conclusion about need of a combination of an active federal position for questions of reforming of the studied sphere with variety of forms and methods of transformations in regions and municipalities is formulated that, in turn, will allow to minimize administrative influence and to keep the general directing role of the state in carrying out reforms of housing and communal services taking into account local specifics upon transition of branch to a mode of break-even functioning.

Keywords: development, housing and communal services, housing-and-municipal services, market of utilities, economic environment, reforming processes.

Qataberi A.S. Al, Shcherbakov M. V., Kamaev V. A.  «Method of filling the socio-economic data gaps using the fuzzy formalization»

This paper discusses the problem of filling the socio-economic data gaps.
The authors as a solution proposes the fuzzy method of filling data gaps based on analysis and formalization relationships between parameters of similar type in other network objects. To substantiate effectiveness the method was implemented to fill the data gaps of Volgograd region socio economic data.

Keywords: socio-economicparameters, datagaps, fuzzy logic, data recovery.

Yeliseeva T.P., Kirsanov A.L.  «Formation and development of the market of housing-and-municipal services in the territory of Stavropol Krai»
In article are considered main trends of the shaping and developments market housing-public utilities on territory of Stavropol edges.

Keywords: housing-public facilities, regional and branch market, business structures, market housing-public utilities.

Lyanguzov N.V. «Investigation of ZnO nanorod fabricated via carbothermal technique on thin-film buffer layers ZnO:Ga.»
The arrays of zinc oxide rods with various morphological parameters were fabricated by means of carbothermal method on the a-Al2O3 substrates with ZnO:Ga buffer layers and using cooper as a growth catalyst. It was identified that growth of nanorods occurs in the normal direction to the substrate in the case of more thin films of catalyst (1nm). With increased by 3 nm thickness of the catalyst film the nanorods grows in the oblique direction. In this case the nanorods are oriented to each other under angles, folds 60 deg. Moreover, the selective character of the growth process related with presence of the catalyst is demonstrated.

Keywords: zinc oxide, micro- and nanorods, carbothermal synthesis method, buffer layer, growth catalyst.

Stupko M.Y., Lyanguzov N.V., Nikolayev A.L., Kaidashev E.M.  «Selective fabrication arrays of ZnO nanorods using hydrothermal method of synthesis on Si»
In this work we have carried out studies of the growth process of zinc oxide nanorods by hydrothermal method on silicon substrates. As a sub layer catalyst of growth used of zinc oxide thin films different thicknesses fabricated of laser deposition. Selective growth of nanorods was studied on microstructure sub layers of zinc oxide thin film obtained by laser deposition. The optimal synthesis conditions: concentration of Zn(NO3)2 - 0.4 mol/l hexamethylenetetramine - 0.4 mol/l,  concentration of NH3•H2O – 0,01 mol/l, time of the process - 4 hours, temperature of the process 80 °C. The thickness of the sub layer of zinc oxide, as shown by an experiment, doesn’t have an effect on the growth of rods. The resulting arrays of nanorods are composed of nanocrystals average length of 500 nm and diameter of 60-150 nm.

Keywords: zinc oxide, micro- and nanorods, arrays of nanorods, hydrothermal method of synthesis, selective fabrication, thin film sub layer.

Kovaleva A.V.  «Economic-mathematical model of an estimation of strategic risk at a choice of strategy of development of the industrial enterprise. »
In article the complex of the economic-mathematical models is constructed, allowing to estimate size of strategic risks at a choice of strategy of development of the industrial enterprise on the basis of imitation of processes of change of current profits and losses of the industrial enterprise in the conditions of the uncertainty, including models of an estimation of laws of distributions of profits and losses, both at presence, and in the absence of the retrospective statistical data.

Keywords: strategic risk, intrafirm planning. The industrial enterprise, factor of risk, strategy.

Galushka V.V., Molchanov A.A., Fatkhi V.A. «Using of multilayer radial basis neural network for relational database verification»
An intelligent method of data reliability assessing (verification), based on the artificial neural networks theory is proposed. The method involves three steps: clustering of data using the Kohonen network, the training of radial basis network and using it to calculate the reliability of database table rows. A software tool to create a radial basis networks and its learning by backpropagation was developed. The proposed method of data verification can be used in various applications of information systems.

Keywords: database, relational algebra, verification, radial basis function network, artificial neural network training, Kohonen map, clustering.

Kalinin Т.S.  «Spectral-signature diagnostics of microprocessor information-controlling systems of railway automatics and telemechanics»
In article the method of calculation of the combined diagnostic sign named the spectral signature, the mathematical apparatus of Walsh transforms based on application for logic functions and differential logical calculus is considered. The class of devices in which implementation of the offered method is possible is considered. The developed method of determination of the spectral signature for the discrete devices differs from known methods of diagnostics by smaller computing complexity and admits implementation in the form of self-testing in the course of functioning of devices.

Keywords: spectral testing, signature analysis, technical diagnostics, information-controlling systems.

Khachak M.G. «Rational use of the financial and economic mechanism of nature protection activity in Krasnodar territory»
The summary of clause: In clause the author proves rational use of financial and economic activity. Efficiency of the state investment policy of Russia to a great extent depends on that, is how much full at its formation are considered and aspects, interests of the federal center and territories are harmonious and strategically on achievement of dynamical economic development.

Keywords: the financial and economic mechanism, nature protection activity, financing.

Kasyanov V. E., Kotesova A.A., Kotova S.V., Kalabuhov A.A., Klimovich A.L., Ljashenko A.S., Kotesov A.A. «Comparative analysis of distribution location parameter of the initial population, calculated by an analytical method, and modeling population, received by means of computer experiment, for indicators of reliability of details»
In the given work the comparative analysis of distribution location parameter of the initial population, calculated by an analytical method, and modeling population, received by means of computer experiment with use of the selective data, is made. Errors δi between location parameters are brought in tables and schedules of dependences of errors from scope and set population are constructed.Thus with increase in volume of population the error decreases from 30 % to 1 % at constant volume of a sample m=50.

Keywords: a sample, population, volume, scope, an error, distribution, the analysis of parameters, mechanical engineering, reliability.

Cousina Е.L. «Features of influence of transport factors on ecologo- economic safety of country»

Intercommunication of such categories, as economic security of country taking into account an ecological constituent and her economic stability, opens up in the article. Strategy of development of enterprises of railway transport must be aimed at the height of economic stability and observance of interests of society. The Model-scenario going near a management will allow strategy of railway transport to provide the acceptance of the administrative decisions aimed on ecologic-economic safety of country.

Keywords: railway transport, economic stability, management, ecologic-economic safety, strategy.

Ogannisyan N.A.The  main forms of business services.»

This article examines one of the main forms of business services - it outsourcing services. The author offers all outsourced services into six types, namely the outsourcing area of ​​government organizations, the outsourcing of information technology (IT-outsourcing), the outsourcing of finance and banking, human resources outsourcing, the outsourcing of logistics functions, and other types of outsourcing services. The author also offers the author's interpretation of the concept of outsourcing, out staffing, in sourcing, outplacement, and subcontracting krautsorsing.

Keywords: business services, outsourcing, out staffing, in sourcing, outplacement, and krautsorsing subcontracting, outsourcing services, information technology, financial transactions.

Cousinа E.L."Development of a criterion of the evaluation of the impact of transport factors on the ecological and economic security of the country"

The article reveals the relationship of such concepts as the cost-effective development of transport and ensuring environmentally safe, economically sustainable development of the society. The management of the influence of transport factors on the state of the environment, rational and efficient use of natural resources, the development and use of the criterion of the evaluation will ensure the adoption of managerial decisions aimed at ensuring the ecological and economic security of the country.

Keywords: transport, management, ecological and economic safety, criteria, assessment, methodology.

Polyakov V.V. «Ecology-economic factors and their influence on formation of agromeliorative systems. »
In article the basic directions of use and development agromelioladshaft are presented, the design procedure of a generalizing indicator of an ecology economic estimation of efficiency agromelioladshaftive systems in agrarian sector of economy, in modern conditions of variety of kinds and patterns of ownership is resulted.

Keywords: agromeliolandshaft; ground resources, land improvement, wildlife management, the organization of ecology economic.

Ivanchenko V.N., Sepetyj A.A., Nikolenko P.V. « Mathematical model of indemnification of intersymbolical distortions at data transmission about a condition of automatic and telemechanics  railway interlocking systems»

In article the mathematical model of indemnification of intersymbolical distortions is offered at data transmission about a condition automatic and telemechanics  railway interlocking systems, using vector-matrix transformations.

Keywords: mathematical model, intersymbolical distortions, automatic and telemechanics  railway interlocking systems, the operator of transfer and the interaction, the predeformed vector.

Ivolgin A.A. « Algorithm of automation of design of radio relay communication lines in the radio engineering industry»

The algorithm of computer-aided design of radio relay communication lines in the radio industry. The main problems of designing telecommunications equipment. The principles of building communication and information networks, communication technologies and equipment. Proposed automation of the design of radio relay lines, algorithm-aided design of modern microwave systems, and its implementation in the module relay network.

Keywords: Radio relay lines (RRL), the algorithm-aided design, dimensioning radiopathes, software module.

Ivanova M.I., Moshenko I.N. «Disorder of estimates of a cognitive component of group perception of a political order»
In work the analysis of disorder of estimates of a cognitive component of the relation of students of RGSU to a political order at the end of 2011 is presented. Research is executed on materials of flight questioning in which 169 people took part. It is shown that there is a low level of a possible mistake and an error at carrying out research. Relative disorder of estimates from 1,84 to 10,28 %. Proceeding from possible communication of disorder of estimates, a plyuralistichnost, ranking of problems of students on the importance (within this questionnaire) is revealed: 1) economic welfare; 2) prospects on the future; 3) social security; 4) a policy obsuzhdayemost in a family; 5) involvement into political processes; 6) participation in political processes.

Keywords: political order, cognitive component, group perception, questioning, questionnaire, dispersion, standard deviation, plyuralistichnost.

Savelyeva N. А. «Estimation of competitiveness of design projects of an interior in building design’s sphere»
In article is presented the technique of an estimation of competitiveness of design projects of an interior, reflecting specificity of activity of the enterprises of  building design’s sphere. The technique is constructed with use of an integrated method of an estimation of competitiveness. Estimation indicators are united in two groups: consumer and economic. Rationing of indicators is carried out on the basis of calculation of parametrical indexes.

Keywords: building design’s sphere, technique of an estimation of competitiveness of design projects of an interior, parametrical indexes.

Ripoll-Zaragoza F. B., Ternikova E. V. «Asset management - progressive form of management»

As you know, in the world, there are two models of organization trust management: Anglo-American and Continental. The data presented a comparative analysis of these models. Summarizes the characteristics of the main stages of development of the institution of trust management: the first phase (birth trust management), the second stage (the emergence of the legal framework of the Institute of trust management), the third phase (the emergence of trust) and the fourth stage (internationally recognized institute of asset management).
An analysis of the main stages of development of the institution of trust management identified a number of its features, which can be taken into account when developing a system of accounting and reporting information to ensure an advantageous solution.

Keywords: operation management, asset management, management, living trust, trust accounting and analytical support, splitting the rights, the convention.


Kadomtsev M.I., Lyapin A. A., Timofeev S. I. «About the constructing of effective computational algorithms for «building-ground» system»
The cooperative using of BEM and FEM for the dynamic behavior analysis of surface building on multi-layered basement. The analytical method effective for any number of layers and their parameters for BEM realization is suggested.  The system of approximate functions in the methods connection region is given. The formulas of numerical integration on connection elements are offered.

Keywords: finite element method, boundary element method, multi-layered basement, fundamental solutions.


Timofeev S. I. «Numerical solution of nonlinear buckling problem for cylindrical isotropic shells using dynamic criteria»

The problem of obtaining critical pressure, distributed along the cylindrical face in the nonlinear buckling is considered. The criteria of buckling are occurrence of positive accelerations directed normal to shell middle surface. The numerical solution in MathCAD system is realized. The comparative analysis of obtained solution with known Popkovich solution given.

Keywords: cylindrical shell, nonlinear buckling, numerical solution, MathCAD system.

Bespalov V. I. , Protopopova D. A. «Experimental studies of air dedusting process working area of the unit supply asphalt plant»
The paper presents experimental investigations process dust control work area air supply unit asphalt plant, as well as the dependence of the efficiency of dust collection dust collection and air purification from dust, sand and gravel for the operating conditions power unit the aerodynamic parameters blowing-suction air flow and hydrodynamic parameters of the dispersed liquid jet.

Keywords: unit supply asphalt plant, dedusting of air, aerodynamic parameters, hydrodynamic parameters.

Litvinov V. V., Yazyev B M. «Energy method in the form of a Tymoshenko-Ritz to determine the critical forces axial compression of a circular cylindrical shell. »

The energy method in the form of Ritz-Timoshenko solved the problem of stability of circular cylindrical shells under uniform axial compression. We consider the axisymmetric buckling of the shell shape in the process of buckling and axisymmetricinitial state, as well as axisymmetric subcritical state in the process of compression. The resulting solution is exactly in line with the decision of the Lorentz-Timoshenko known as a classic.

Keywords: Shell, stability, energy, works, buckling.

Litvinov S. V., Yazyev B. M., Beskopilniy A. N., Ananiev I. V. «Calculation of the stability of rods from EDB-10 in the initial deflection of the rod in the form of an S-shaped curve»
The article investigates the stability of polymer rods from epoxy resin-term EDT-10 in the light of initial imperfections and the development of creep deformation. A distinctive feature of this paper is an initial deflection in the form of an S-shaped curve.

Keywords: stability of rods, creep, highly elastic deformation, polymeric materials, coupling equation of Maxwell-Gurevich.

Mal'cev N.V., Tkachenko G.A., Mal'cev V.T. «Аbout influence electric field and gelling form additives on structure of  foam concrete and their properties»
This study is devoting for general conduct research by influence electric field and organic gelling form additives on structure of foam concrete. You can see that transmission of electric field, the frequency near to resonance vibrations particles astringent or introduction in mixture of components gelling form give to significant improving the physical and mechanical characteristics of foam concrete.

Keywords: foam concrete, influence, properties, field, modifier.

Mal'cev N.V., Mal'cev V.T. «A priory mark thermodynamic function formation silicate, other oxide minerals and their crystal hydrate»
The process which connected with obtaining different functions silicate minerals always accompanied by energy exchange between interacting phases. Their thermodynamic analysis not always couldn’t be necessary help materials. In this study you can see a priory mark thermodynamic function formation silicate, other oxide minerals and their crystal hydrate.

Keywords: silicates, thermodynamic, function, formation, thermal capacity.

Zyryanov V.V., Eremina L.V. «Estimation of efficiency of functioning of counterparts in logistical system of the transport enterprise»

Each enterprise, being the participant of a logistical chain of deliveries, faces sooner or later a problem of a choice of the logistical counterpart. On the basis of what to make a choice in favor of this or that intermediary? Objectively to count all pluses and minuses difficult: all will dare at subjective level. It is necessary for enterprises to know the logistical counterpart, its behavior, inquiries, and possibilities. Therefore also the technologies allowing dynamically estimating behavior of the counterpart on a number of parameters, in particular scoring model of an estimation of reliability of counterparts in logistical system 

Keywords:Logistical system, score model, the counterpart, the logistical intermediary, reliability estimation, efficiency.


Mironyuk V. P., Tsyplakov V. Y. «Technique of creation and functioning of system of the reference with a solid municipal waste at municipal level»

The technique of formation system of two stages of transportations is presented, allowing defining an optimum site and quantity of waste reloading stations. Feature of a technique is possibility of adaptation of formed system to local conditions of investigated territory.

Keywords: technological process of transportation, a solid municipal waste, category of the earths, a sanitary - protective zone, placing range, critical distance.


Shekhovcov R. V. «Euro region Donbas long term socio-economic strategy: current problems, key targets and prospects of infrastructural and logistical development»
The article characterizes key aspects international and interregional collaboration with the expertise of Euro region Donbas foundation and work. Mutual long term socio-economic development strategies are analyzed along with the specializations and competitive advantages of Euro region Donbas organization.
The work also defines mission, long term tasks and objectives of socio-economic development of the union with the priority on infrastructural and logistical progress.

Keywords: International and interregional collaboration, Euro region Donbas, development strategy, specializations and competitive advantages, priorities of long term socio-economic development of Euro region Donbas, infrastructural and logistical progress.

Ivanov A. N., Tambovcev S.N., Shekhovcov R. V. «Long term consumer market development in Rostov region: current problems and trends»  
The article characterizes development and trends of Rostov region consumer market development, compares and analyses main features of local municipal areas and ranks them accordingly. Key problems and limitations in infrastructure, competition regulations and consumer rights protection are defined and analyzed. The work also defines priorities, principal targets and measures for consumer market development till 2020.

Keywords: Consumer market, municipal markets, ranks, ranging, kea problems, limitations, priorities, long term development of consumer markets tasks and measures, regional socio-economic development strategy.   

Mironyuk V. P. «Method for determination of transport and logistics centers in the Rostov region»

This paper discusses the principles of allocation of terminal infrastructure at the regional level (Rostov region). Placement of terminal complexes seen at three levels: intermodal, regional and local logistics centers. For each of the levels of logistics centers defined criteria for their placement.

Keywords: logistics centers, transport, complex index of evaluation, transport and storage infrastructure.

Morgun L. V., Smirnova P. V. , Kostylenko C. I., Pushenko O. V., Morgun V.N. «Effect of temperature on the peculiarities of the structure of foam concrete mixtures»
Completed a comprehensive analysis of the factors that control the strength and resilience foams for the manufacture of foam concrete mixtures. Found that lowering the temperature of mixing water helps to improve the properties of structural foams.

Keywords: surfactants, foams, lyotropic liquid crystals.

Kostuchenko V. V. «Sistemotehnichesky methodology of the organization of processes of building manufacture»
The study ways to improve the efficiency and sustainability of organizational and technical systems of small-scale businesses in construction, through a systematic approach to organizing the operation.
Keywords: small-scale business, private enterprise, building, construction, system approach, organization process, S-shaped development.

Kostuchenko V. V. «Management of process of increase of efficiency of organizational-technological building systems»
Managerial processes by increase of efficiency of building manufacture are modeled. Influence of organizational-technical level building manufacture on duration of building of objects, labor productivity and production cost is estimated.

Keywords: reliability, efficiency, building systems, modeling, quality, stimulation, estimation, interaction of building processes.

Mailyan L R., Mailyan A. L., Makarychev K. V.  «Technology and properties of fibersfoamconcrete on water with a lowering of the temperature mixing»
Problem statement. One of the major technological problems of the present, reception penobetonov high durability as their application allows carrying out in building power- and resource conservation is. Water occupies more than 50 % of volume dense making foam concrete mixes of any density. Hence, operational properties of pen concrete rather essentially depend on properties of water.
Results. Influence of properties of water on structure and property fibrefoamconcrete is considered. Creation technologies preparations fibrous concrete on water of the lowered temperature and research of their constructive properties. Economic efficiency and a technical and economic estimation of new technology of preparation fibrefoamconcrete with the lowered water temperature mix.
Conclusions. The data of experimental researches allows drawing a conclusion on positive influence of the lowered water temperature mix on structure and properties fibrefoamconcrete.

Keywords: fibrefoamconcrete, foam concrete, water temperature mix, macro porosity, economic benefit, a technical and economic estimation.

Nalimova A. V. «Influence of complex polymer additives on the strength and shrinkage deformation of cement paste»
The results of investigations of the influence of the complex of multifunctional additives consisting of super plasticizer, stabilizer and redispersible powders on the strength and shrinkage of cement paste. 
Developed a multiplicative model, with which may regulate the development of deformation and strength of the formation of compositions for various compositions of dry mixes. The dependences describing the influence of complex polymer additives on the formation and development of the deformation strength of cement stone. Function coefficients are obtained depending on the dosage used in supplements. 

Keywords: dry mixes, cement stone, additives modifiers, super plasticizer, additive stabilizing effect, redispersible polymer powders, strength, shrinkage deformation.

Mailyan D. R., Kurgin K. V. «Resistance of concrete columns of the expanded clay and fibers rarely repeated loading»
In this paper we examine the effect of repeated loading on rare compressive strength of concrete elements made ​​of concrete of expanded clay and fiber. The experimental results of reinforced concrete columns, after repeated and unambiguous alternating loads. The influence of repeated loading modes for carrying capacity, deformability, and fracture toughness of the columns. We propose a dependence of the bearing capacity of the columns on the level of re-loading.

Keywords: Concreteofexpanded clay andfiber, carrying capacity, crack resistance, deformability, concrete columns, mixedreinforcement.

Figovsky O.L.  «Innovative development: for the present nano, but will be and macro … (techniques and people) »
The author of article notices that the system on selection of professional officials on all country is necessary for Russia and it still in a greater degree concerns and creative engineering shots, those who can, and should create and master innovative technologies. For real transition to innovative economy it is necessary to create necessary innovative critical weight. We essentially lag behind the advanced countries on rates of application of innovations, integrated technological decisions, and creation of tools of realization of new technological decisions. The Russian Academy of Sciences can bring in this process in case of its radical reorganization a necessary mite. In end of article the author comes to a conclusion that it is necessary to involve foreign experts in real modernization of Russia and considers advanced achievements in nanotechnologies which have been created last months this year.

Keywords: innovators, innovative engineers, nanotechnologies, innovative economy.