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Posupon’ko N.V., Engineering is an elixir of a youth for knowledge.
It would be desirable to discuss on magazine pages a topic of the day, concerning practical use of a scientific and technical reserve which is available for certain in each scientific research institute, СB, and at many enterprises of the industry …
Keywords: scientific and technical achievements, world practice, engineering, the Military-industrial complex, arms and a military technology, radio electronics, the human factor, engineering activity, preparation of experts, scientific work.

Yalovoy  I.O., Simulation of pedestrian flows based on Social Force Model
The behavior of pedestrians in complex situations was described. A review of conceptual models of social forces and their subsequent development was done. We discuss the tools of development, a verification of the model and subsequent analysis of experiments conducted with it. A simulation environment of a pedestrians flow was developed, allowing creating, configuring, adjusting, performing experiments based on the social force model, as well as obtaining the necessary statistical data for further analysis.
Keywords: Social Force Model, the flow of pedestrians, pedestrians, pedestrian behavior, simulation model, multi-agent simulation.

Klaus A.I., Images editor with usage of Flash-technology, as a part of web-application: problems and solutions.
In the article some approaches were examined, which can help to solve problems, while building web application, on example of precise web application — images editor, developed with flash technology. In the article common ideas were retrieved from the discussed material, and were suggested to the reader in form of small and easy for understanding advices, confirmed with exact examples of usage. The article can be useful for programmers, who are creating web applications.
Keywords: web-application, site, optimization, flash-technology, image editor.

Kosova N.C., The organization of realization of tax audit.
In article problems of tax audit from a position of quality of function of the control focused on decrease of risks are considered. Quality assurance elements are presented. The conclusion that intrafirm standards provide techniques of audit of the taxation taking into account their constant ranging is drawn.
Keywords: standardization, the tax account, tax audit, quality of the control, risks, qualification.

Khodorich I.A., Formation and development of models of local government
In given article process of formation and development of models of local government in modern Russia is considered. The conclusion that the local government acts as an integral part of a civil society and the form of expression of the power on the one hand is drawn, and is the form of the organization of local authorities, with another.
Keywords: model, self-management, continental, Anglo-Saxon.

Vartanian C.A., Algorithm and the decoding software of the convolution’s turbo codes
The algorithm is offered and the software providing in «a real time scale» on PC a general purpose decoding of the signals,  having convolution turbo coding according to recommendation ETSI EN 301 790 is developed. Now in the market of communication facility software products of decoding of such codes are not presented, hardware decoders have the limited application because of high cost. The given algorithm of decoding possesses the correcting comparable to import analogues
Keywords: algorithm, the software, decoding, convolution turbo coding, optimization, duo binary a code, communication systems.

Zhukov K.G., Modulation type recognition for digital communication systems
The method of automatic modulation type recognition (without a priori information on signal parameters) for QAM and PSK signals is presented.
Keywords: quadrature amplitude modulation, phase shift keying, modulation type recognition


Buzalo N.A., Gaydjurov P.P., Kojikhov A.G., Researches of the compressed punched racks and perfection of their constructive form
This work is devoted an actual problem engineering-applied researches such as a savings of resource and it has direct practical value for building branch and economy of the Rostov region.
Keywords: the punched cores, building elements, advantages, the technology, the compressed punched racks, numerical researches, the experimental researches, new constructive forms.

Krahmalnii T.A.. Research of influence of increase in perimeter of the tape base on bearing ability of the basis
This work is devoted perfection of the modular tape bases at the expense of the account of features of work of the basis and has direct practical value for building branch.
Keywords: the modular tape base, the program-measuring complex, the automated system, experimental researches, models of the bases, results of researches, the comparative analysis, new designs, patents.

Zhadan M.P. , Working out of a technique of the automated remote inspection of bearing building designs of buildings and constructions
This article is devoted perfection of methods of carrying out of inspections of buildings and constructions and has direct practical value for building branch.
Keywords: estimation, a condition of defects, the forecast of development, a measure on elimination, stabilization, automation, the remote inspection, bearing, building designs.

Oshepkov A.S., Ryzhkov A.V., Experimental researches of possibility of change Thermal-Physical characteristics of firm fuel and an economic substantiation of use nanomaterials in the scheme of Dust-preparation
Change possibility thermal-physical properties firm of fuels with use nanomaterials is analyzed. Results of experimental researches of burning of tests modified coal are resulted. The economic estimation of use nanomaterials is spent to chains of dust-preparation in power plants.
Keywords: firm fuel, thermal-physical characteristics, additives, carbon nanomaterials, an intensification, ignition, burning of firm fuel, experimental researches, dynamics of change of temperature, the feasibility report.

Tovarovskaya N.M., Mochtchenko I.N., Radials - circular vibrations of the ferroelectric ceramic cylinder with tangential polarization and excitation.
The method of the decision of the piezo-elasticity equations, offered earlier for the analysis to an axial symmetry modes, is generalized for the vibrations having azimuthally component. It consists in reduction of the joint equations of an electrostatics, elasticity and piezoelectric to the equations of the theory of elasticity with effective volume force, construction of an infinite chain of the enclosed equations, with volume force, which is asymptotic decreasing to zero, and search of decisions in the form of the sum of absolutely converging sequences. The offered method is illustrated on a calculation example in two-dimensional approach of radially-circular modes of the piezoceramic cylinder which has been stuck together from sectors with tangential polarization. A problem are solved for the first sector, it is offered decision for other sectors to define from symmetry conditions, and the common decision for all cylinder to receive a method of assemblage of decisions for separate sectors. 
Keywords: vibrations, piezoceramic cylinder, the theoretical analysis, the joint equations of an electrostatics, elasticity, piezoeffect, two-dimensional approach, the analytical decision, symmetry, assemblage of decisions.

Andreeva O.V., Innovation culture as a basic component of an innovation process infrastructure.
During realization of an innovative process as strategic direction of a national economy development, it is necessary to consider that this process is not only technological to some extent, but also social; therefore some development of an innovation culture is necessary for innovative economic system rising. The innovative culture represents the perception and behavior model which is focused on innovation and formation of the human capital with high level of adaptability to innovative changes for any social and economic system. In this case, some formation and development of the innovative culture represents the effective mechanism of overcoming of irresponsiveness and rejection of innovations which might be a determinative of national innovative process realization.
Keywords: innovation process, innovation culture, knowledge economy, human capital, toxic («virus») innovations, a model of a innovation culture transfer, infrastructure of an innovation process.

Voronchenko A.S., Stasov V.V., 7Be and 137Cs as monitors of the radio-activity of atmosphere (on the example of Rostov-on-Don).
The contents of radionuclides in the aerosols (once a week) and atmosphere deposits (once a month) within the framework of monitoring a radio-activity of a ground layer of an atmosphere was determined (during the period 2001-2005). It is developed regressing model for the analysis of influence of meteoconditions on distribution of volume activity 7Ве in ground atmosphere. Using the given model describing seasonal behavior 7Ве in atmosphere only taking into account change of meteoconditions, have been allocated the contribution of wind lifting of everyone radionuclide and its technogenic component. Data about the contribution of technogenic emissions to volume activity natural radionuclides in ground atmosphere are obtained. Various sources of pollution of atmosphere of Rostov-on-Don, such as the industrial enterprises, thermal power station, and motor transport are revealed and estimated.
Key words: natural and artificial radionuclides, atmosphere radio-activity, meteoconditions, atmospheric aerosols, the monitor, wind lifting, technogenic emissions.

Lyubegina E.V., Working out and research of hybrid baroelectromembrane technology for creation of water turnaround system in manufacture of the strengthened aramide fibers.
The technology of reception of aramide threads demands huge expenses unsalted water for washing of a thread from organic impurity. The cardinal decision of a problem of water supply of the enterprise consists in creation of water turnaround system of washing of the aramide threads providing return to manufacture the deionized  water and the organic solvents. In the given work results of researches on creation of water turnaround system at the enterprise with use baro - and electromembrane technologies are resulted. The conducted trial tests hybrid baroelectromembrane installations have shown that it provides clearing of drains after washing to level of the deionized water. Selectivity baroelectromembrane installations as a whole has made 99,9 %. Physic mechanical indicators of aramide threads at their washing by the reused water surpass requirements STATE THAT.
Keywords: technology, aramide fibers, unsalted water, an organic impurity, washing, water turnaround system, baromembrane, an electromembrane, trial tests, advantages.