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Motin V.N., 30 years - an ascension proceed.
In September, 2009 the research-and-production enterprise of space instrument making "Quantum" marked 30 years of the beginning of industrial activity. About it tells V.N.Motin - the general director-main the designer of the enterprise.
Keywords: onboard equipment, orientation and astronavigation systems, space vehicles, history marks, high lights, development, modern technologies, scientific and technical level, personnel potential, reproduction

Petrov S.N., Modern optical manufacture and some tendencies of its development.
Optical manufacture and optical technologies always represented specific branch of a domestic production. This specificity is caused by features of physical and chemical properties of processed materials, necessity of use of the special equipment, the processing tool and control devices...
Keywords: optical devices, manufacture, modern technologies, development tendencies, progressive ways of manufacture, modern gauges

Zvereva T.V., Functions of the corporative culture.
In article are considered functions of the corporative culture, in the same way opens importance of the corporative culture for development of any organizations.
Keywords: the corporative culture, organizing culture, principles and signs of the corporative culture

Romanov D.E., Back propagation neural networks.
In the given article one of the methods of learning of the multilayer neural network – the back propagation method – is considered. The model of the artificial neuron is given. Theoretical computations, underlying the method are made in details. Its generalization in vector view is shown that makes easier the understanding and improve clearness of the processes of learning and information performing in multilayer neural networks.
Key words: neuron, activation function, neural networks, back propagation method, neural network's learning

Pavlenko I.A., Improvement of ecological and economic indicators of internal combustion engines on the basis of application of individual gas-exchange valve actuators.
Questions of perfection of gas-exchange mechanism of an internal combustion engine of the car from the point of view of increase of its ecological and economic indicators are considered. Designing process of completely operated electromagnetic gas-exchange valve actuators is presented.
Key words: electromagnetic gas-exchange valve actuator, gas-exchange mechanism, ecological indicators of the engine

Boiko M.V., Bulgarevich S. B., Kogan V.A., Increase of the exploitation properties of the construction steels with the help of modification their surface oxide films on nanolevel.
The molecular coordinative mechanism of iron and its alloys oxide film distraction in the solutions due to ligand substitution in the coordinative polyhedrons of oxide film is proposed. Method of steel oxide film dopping in solutions with the help of transition metal cations is proposed too. It is economic profitable taking into account the big expenditures of the dopping steel production. The method of steel corrosion inhibiting by means of dopping the oxide layers on its surface by nanoparticles of the mixed oxides of the transition metals was found.
Key words: oxide film, ligand substitution, protection from corrosion, nanoparticles of the mixed oxides.

Alexandrov A.A., Tribospectral identification of thermomechanical damages on contact model «a wheel crest - a lateral surface of a wheel»
The tribospectral method is offered for the identification of the  thermomechanical damages of pair a wheel crest - a lateral surface of a wheel. Method working off was carried out on the standard device of a friction SMT – 1. Simultaneous measurements of dynamics of the actual area of a contact and amplitude- and phase – frequency characteristics of mechanical stresses and the subsequent the analysis of thermodamages have been spent. Using a method of  tribospectral identifications the information channel (a certain frequency range, characteristic for processes of thermodamages) has been defined. Such technique will allow to create further system for the control, monitoring and forecasting of behaviour of frictional contact to the purpose of detection of abnormal processes and the control of presence of the third body in contact.
Keywords: thermomechanical damages, a contact zone, frictional pair, modelling, complex measurements, tribospectral identification, an information channel, the control, monitoring

Kharlamov P.V., Efficiency increasing of operation antiblocking systems based on method of tribospectral identification.
In article application of method of tribospectral identification is submitted to research, diagnostics and forecasting of a technical condition of frictional system brake pad - a brake disk with the purpose of increase of reliability of work of system ABS.
Key words: forecasting; identification; frictional contact; stability of system; the brake mechanism; АBS

Ivashchenko S.N., Creating mathematic model of resonant tunneling in semiconductor nanostructures.
The process of mathematic modeling of resonant tunnel effects in semiconductor nanostructures are considered in this article. First step of this process is creating physical model, next step is normalizing physical equations, than should be considered different methods of solving the system of equations. Worked out model let us to calculate the transmission coefficient or the tunneling probability in double-barrier structure.
Key words: tunneling, semi-conductor nanostructures, physical model, two-barrier structure, the equation of Shredinger, passage factors, mathematical model, algorithm of the decision

Grushko I.S., Yatsenko E.A., Working out in the form of nanocrystals facing materials from slags on the basis of slag of the Nesvetajsky state district power station ».
The analysis of possibility of use of slag waste thermal power stations for synthesis of nanocrystals facing materials is made, optimum structures and physical and chemical characteristics received slags are experimentally defined.
Keywords: ashes-slag a waste, slag, the Nesvetajsky state district power station, catalysts, a chemical compound, fusion temperature, nanorazmernye crystals, two-phasic processing, physical and chemical properties.