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Nabokova Ya. S., Effective building materials and ways of erection of buildings
The analysis of merits and demerits of the materials applied to the device of a fixed timbering at erection of buildings is made. It is shown that physical and mechanical properties foamy fibrous concrete provide possibility of the complex account of requirements on power- and acoustic efficiency of erected buildings.
Keywords: Foamy fibrous concrete, a fixed timbering

Morgun V.N., Reflexions about efficiency  the wall's  materials applied in modern building
The comparative analysis of operational properties of some materials applied to the device of walls is given.
Keywords: expanded polystyrene, mineral cotton wool, foamy fibrous concrete

Nataltchenko I. A., The analysis of mechanisms of transfer of large data files through a network the Internet by means of technology of web service
Now the network the Internet has strongly entered into a life almost each person, became the integral environment of support of business processes. With growth of productivity of computer facilities the volume of the processed information has increased, receive more and more a wide circulation the client-server technologies, allowing to make the distributed calculations. Taking into account all these factors, the increasing urgency data exchange mechanisms between the client and a server by means of a network get the Internet …
Keywords: the client-server, network architecture, data file, a network the Internet, data transmission mechanisms, software

Ponomareva N. S., Forming of self-employment indices monitoring activity integration in Southen Federal University development program implementation process
Complex process of subdivision integration mast manage accoding with strategy goals of  organization. The process is based on current state information. Current state information is result of organization monitoring. It  carry out an self-employment indices activity of integration, which determine in compliance with expert judgement approach and modeling and Score Card methodology.
Key words: strategy control, control of nonprofit organization, organization monitoring, activity of integration, expert judgement approach and modeling, Balanced Score Card methodology, decision making procedure

Svechkarev V. P., Litvinov S.V., Nosko V. I.,  Informational environment of integration for researchers of Southern Federal University and Southern Federal Region
Progress of the South of Russia must go on with the innovative-oriented scenario. It also to be accompanied by intensive structure shifts to the high-technological and informational fields of science and provide slackening of dependence from oil-and-gas and feedstock industries. It is reasonable to organize Virtual Department of Regional Integration as a complex for interrelationship and cooperation of researchers SFEDU and SFR on the basis of the centers of multi-access.
Key words: Virtual Department of Regional Integration, e-business portal, social network for engineers, unique innovational equipment, insourcing, scientific services.

Timtchuk D.A., Svechkarev V. P., Program complex of information-analytical support of design management
The offered program complex provides realisation of design management, providing simultaneous coordination and consolidation of the data, submission of all projects to overall aims of the Program of development SFU at preservation of independent management by separate projects.
Keywords: design management, the information-analytical support, new model, client-server technologies.

Yalovoi I.O., The analysis of requirements and management of changes of program projects
The given work has been presented at conference «Day of a science» in SFU (2008), methods of the analysis and the managements of requirements stated in her, have allowed to operate effectively requirements and their changes in the project "Competition" by means of the chosen toolkit. Business game "Competition" gives possibility for training of competitive strategy of students of a speciality «Management of high technologies» in computer classes.
Keywords: management of requirements, management of changes of requirements, tracing
 requirements, business game, Rational RequisitePro, methods and the software, model of business precedents