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Zvereva T. V., The Basis, principles, signs and elements of the corporative culture.
In article are considered main elements of the corporative culture, opens the sense of the organizing culture to corporative culture. The Noted role of valuables to organizations as kernel of the organizing culture, on base which are worked out. rates and the forms of the behaviors in organizations, forming unity glance and action, but, consequently, providing achievement integer to organizations.
Keywords: the corporative culture, organizing culture, principles and signs of the corporative culture

Don State Technical University

Smirnov E.B., Chukarin A.N., Experimental researches of vibrating acoustic characteristics in crane cabins.
The results of experimental researches of noise and vibrations in cabins of bridge cranes are presented. Measurements were carried out in the conditions of factories of Open Society "Rostvertol" and Joint-Stock Company «Factory on release KPO» by a measuring instrument of noise and vibrations VShV-003 M2. In the course of measurements octava levels of sound pressure and vibrating speed were fixed.
Keywords: acoustics, measurements, a spectrum of noise, vibration, sanitary standards, sound insulation, noise absorption

Vilinov I.E., Chukarin A.N., Boguslavskiy I.V., Laws of formation of a spectrum of noise in cabins of bridge cranes.
Results of experimental researches in cabins of bridge cranes are presented. Influence of sources on formation of a sound field in cabins is revealed.
Keywords: noise, vibrations, bridge cranes

Meshi B. Ch., Mozgovoi A.V., The device for struggle against a dust formed in a working zone of the beating out lattice of foundry shop
On the basis of the working parametres received as a result of calculation by a technique of a choice of highly effective and economic systems of struggle against polluting substances, the choice of constructive decisions is carried out and the new device (further device PSHZ) for realisation of processes of catching of dust particles and clearing of air of a dust for a beating out lattice of model 31213 is offered. The important design feature of device PSHZ is that, first, it allows to realise consistently processes of catching of particles of a dust and clearing of air of a dust in one device, secondly, the device case carries out a role of system of protection against noise and in the third, is executed folding, as much as possible providing technological and ergonomic requirements to industrial operations on the process equipment.
Installation of offered device PSHZ on beating out lattice has provided performance of maximum permissible concentration of a dust within maximum deviations
Keywords: polluting substances, air clearing, protection against noise, technological researches, the working out, the new device, sanitary standards, maximum permissible concentration

Chukarin A.N., Boguslavskiy I.V., Experimental researches of losses factors of oscillatory energy for hollow preparations.
Early theoretical researches have shown, that noise decrease at milling of lengthy products can be reached at the expense of selection of factors of losses of a longeron and the device of the support which had between arms. The purpose of the experiments, which results are stated in work, consisted in definition of factor of losses of the hollow longeron which internal surface was muffled by various ways: it was filled with bags with the sand, a special rubber sleeve in which oil from hydrostation (pressure moved paid off proceeding from rigidity of a longeron) and from a pneumonetwork, rubber balls.
Results of experimental researches have proved theoretical conclusions about laws of formation of noise at milling of lengthy products, and the received regressive dependences of factors of losses allow not only to specify calculations of noise levels, but also to choose a rational way of decrease in noise in the source.
Keywords: acoustics, measurements, a spectrum of noise, vibration, digital processing, fast Fourer transformation, noise level, regressive dependences of factors of losses

Ol’hovik O.V., Beliih A.V., N-data model: Base concepts.
The N-data model presented in this paper is a theoretical basis for developing of the instrument allowing to reduce expenses at all stages of life cycle of the software of  information systems. In the beginning we introduce basic concepts of N-data model such as object, attribute, instance, class and category. Then operations with attribute and inheritance relationship are considered whereupon the concept of a database is represented.
Keywords: data model, object, attribute, a copy, a class, a category, a database, life cycle of information systems

Ol’hovik O.V., Beliih A.V., SQL-like declarative language for n-data model.
SQL-like language N-Declarative Language (NDL) for N-data model is presented. For a choice as the sample of language SQL there are, at least, two reasons: first, the experts who are practically engaged in databases, have got used to such languages; secondly, offered language, as well as SQL, is declarative.
Keywords: N-Declarative Language, SQL, N-data models, syntax, syntactic meta language Extended BNF, procedural expansion

Ol’hovik O.V., Beliih A.V., Visually-declarative language for designing of the automated information systems.
N-Visual Language (NVL), intended for designing of the software of information systems is presented: structures of a database and a code realising to the business logician.
Keywords: the software, a database, the design diagramme, N-Visual Language, program Information Systems Developer Studio environment

Our consultations

Zvereva T. V., The New rules of the adding, payment and reporting on ESN.
In clause reflected new requirements, presented to adding and payment of the insurance dues in 2010году. They Are Considered the most actual questions, connected with cancelling the united social tax.
Keywords: the united social tax, insurance dues in Pension, Medical, Fund of the Social insurance