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Reciprocal relations for nonlinear magnetoactive plasma-like media


Reciprocal relations for nonlinear magnetoactive plasma-like media

Ignatjev V.K., Perchenko S.V.

Incoming article date: 13.12.2014

In the paper the Vlasov equation solution is considered for a case of stationary, homogeneous, isotropic and weakly nonlinear magnetoactive plasma-like media by successive approximations technique. An expression for the quasi-linear conductivity is obtained, which at low magnetic field ceases to depend on the electric field. It is shown that the quasi-linear conductivity matrix is symmetric, and its elements satisfy the classical reciprocal relations. The obtained relations can be applied in the design of magnetic microelectronics devices, for example, to improve the metrological characteristics of the digital Hall magnetometer.

Keywords: reciprocal relations, nonlinearity, plasma-like media, kinetic coefficients, quasi-linear conductivity