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Article formatting

Text formatting

The article file is titled by author(s)' surname, e.g. «ivanov_petrov.doc».

The text is presented in text editor Microsoft Word for Windows (not earlier 2000).

Superior index and subindex shall be ascended or descended, correspondingly, not typed in a line.

Page A4
Margin Bottom and top 2 cm; left 3 cm; right 1,5 cm
Typeface Times New Roman
Typesize 14 pt
Spacing One and a half
Text justification wide
Indentation 1,25 cm
Volume of article At least 7 pages, including references
References Recommended ГОСТ 7.1-2003
File size Not more 1,5 Mb


All abbreviations and abridgments mentioned at first shall be deciphered, e.g. Southern federal university (SfedU). Further in the text abridgment given in brackets can be used. Only standard abridgments can be used without deciphering.

Names of foreign companies and organizations are given in the original with country indication, e.g. Nanotech Industries, INC (USA, California).


Formulae are typed by the combination of the main typeface and Symbol type (exception for fractions, sum, square root) in Microsoft Equation 3.0 (Formulae editor in Microsoft Word). Latin symbols are typed in italics. Formulae and equations are numbered only if there is a following reference.


Short titles are used for tables and all mentioned units are supported by corresponding measure units. Tables are parts of the text not graph objects.


Illustrations are inserted following the text.

Illustrations in Microsoft Word can be only as grouped object.

All letter and figure symbols are interpreted in the main text or in illustration line. Illustration line begins with the word «Fig.» and the number, then title, centered justification.


References are given in order of citation at the end of the article under the subtitle “References” indicating author's surname and initials, full name of the book (article), place of publishing, publishing house, issue (year, volume, page), references within the text are given in square brackets [1] (not more than seven points [2, 3] if the article is not a survey). Foreign references are given in the original language.

The list of references includes not less than 10 points, , including at least two foreign references. Do not cite unauthoritative references (textbooks, Wikipedia, etc.).

Cite not less than two articles from “Engineering journal of Don” to prove the coherence of your article to the subject area.

Reference examples

Monograph 1. Ivanov I.I. Management of marketing research in regions. Novocherkassk, 2004. 256 p.
Print article 2. Petrov, P.P., Sidorov, S.S. (2009). Analysis and extrapolation of trend of Russian middle class attitude to current political order. Scientific thought of Caucasus, (3), 316-318.
E-reference 3. Imitation modeling of initiators interaction of high technological innovations. Available at: http://ivdon.ru/magazine/archive/n1y2009/250 (accessed 10 February 2013)
Conference Collection 4. Malyshev A.K., Rostislavsky M.B. Optimization of the method of free search [K voprosu ob optimizatsii metoda svobodnogo poiska]. Vserossiyskaya kompyuternaya konferentsiya “Poiskovye algoritmy v XXI veke”: trudy (Proc. All-Russian Computer Symp. “Search algorithms in the 21st century”). Moscow, 2013, pp. 175-186.

Articles with incorrect list of references are not accepted.

Abstract formatting

In separate file it is attached an abstract in Russian and English.

Russian abstract is a brief accurate summary of the main content including main facts and conclusions of the work targeted on a wide readership.

English abstract is more extended than Russian as it is for foreign researchers and specialists the only information about the article.

We recommend to structure the English abstract giving brief repetition of the article: introduction, aim, tasks, results, conclusion.

The abstract also includes key words, topic, code of specialty and author's information (in Russian and English).

Author's information includes data that can be published.

Volume of Russian abstract about 100 words
Volume of English abstract 100–250 words
Key words 5–10 words
Code(s) of specialty According to HAC classification
( journal fields)
Information about authors Full name, academic degree / title, place of work / study, position, telephone, postal and email addresses

Materials not corresponding the requirements are not accepted.

How to publish an article