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Deposition electroaerosols jet in the vegetable layer


Deposition electroaerosols jet in the vegetable layer

Lekomtsev P., Niazov A., Dresviannikova E.

Incoming article date: 13.09.2019

The article deals with the issues of plant protection by electroaerosols of chemicals. Revealed General regularities of penetration electroaerosols jet in the topsoil and deposition of drops of electroaerosol in vegetable elements. The estimation of the depth of penetration of the aerosol jet into the plant layer and the intensity of deposition of the aerosol on the protected plants is given. This article is of interest to a wide range of readers dealing with the issues of electrical aerosol treatments in agriculture.

Keywords: electroaerosol, the jet flow of the electrical aerosol, aerodynamics jet stream, plant protection, plant layer, the charge drops electroaerosol, gravitational and electrostatic precipitation