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Means and methods of innovative management of innovative startups Part I


Means and methods of innovative management of innovative startups Part I

Zadorsky W.M., Figovsky O.L.

Incoming article date: 02.10.2019

The work is devoted to the means and methods of innovative management. Associated mainly with startup projects. This refers to an extended concept of startups, not only and not so much as an organization that creates a new product or service in conditions of high uncertainty, but as an innovative project with a high degree of risk. The algorithm for implementing startups is considered, and the factors that influence the introduction of innovations, both external and internal, are presented. Much attention is paid to effective tools and methods for implementing startups. Such as the application of systems analysis and diversification of production. It is shown that one of the foundations of innovative technological business in the economy is currently played by industrial-agricultural symbiosis. All of the above questions are illustrated by numerous specific examples. The main goals and principles of innovation management identified in the course of the conclusion are logically derived from the totality of which. The work is of a scientific and practical nature. It can be used both in scientific research of modern business processes and for practical guidance in conducting specific campaigns.

Keywords: innovation, startup, management, system analysis, sustainable development, synergistic systems, symbiosis, diversification, implementation algorithm, goals, means