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Synchronization in Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum Systems


Synchronization in Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum Systems

Tikhomirov A.V., Omeluanchuk E.V., Semenova A.Y., Smirnov A.A.

Incoming article date: 21.12.2019

The article conentrates on the problem of synchronization the pseudo-noise sequence in direct sequence spread spectrum systems. Authors propose a method for transmitting information and synchronizing signals on a single carrier frequency, which allows data transmission in complex coditions in radio channel. A brief review of existing solutions for time synchronization direct sequence spread spectrum systems is carried out. The proposed solution is considered in terms of data transmission in broadband systems in the conditions of negative signal-to-noise ratio, while the limitations of the usage of this solution are also considered. A simulation of the scheme that implements the proposed synchronization method is carried out, and the requirements for the signal-to-noise ratio in the information and synchronization channels are determined. The proposed method can find application in systems with code division multiplexing, including modern IoT systems.

Keywords: time synchronization, direct sequence spread spectrum, broadband communication systems, Internet of Things, BER