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Decision-making in the territorial bodies of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia in conditions of risk and uncertainty


Decision-making in the territorial bodies of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia in conditions of risk and uncertainty

Makarov V.F., Ovchinskiy A.S., Betskov A.V., Antonov N.I.

Incoming article date: 10.10.2023

The article considers key aspects related to the process of managerial decision-making and the formation of managerial influence in conditions of uncertainty associated with risk, in such a complex and numerous social organizational system as internal affairs bodies, when the subject of management does not have reliable or does not fully possess sufficient information about the current state of the operational situation. In the organization of information and analytical activities of internal affairs bodies are highlighted in order to determine priority areas of law enforcement activity in accordance with their main functions, forecasting possible adverse trends and processes in society, substantiating ways and means of resolving identified problematic situations in law enforcement and developing appropriate preventive measures in various information situations according to probabilistic realizations of various outcomes. The application of the main types of selection criteria and formalized models for determining the relationship between planned organizational measures and the results of their implementation in the presence of uncertain factors affecting effective decision-making in situations of rapid changes in the elements of the operational situation and the irrational use of resources available in the internal affairs bodies is considered and illustrated. Using concrete examples, the mechanism of finding the optimal management solution in the field of law enforcement and public safety is demonstrated, the existing problems of choosing a solution in conditions of risk and uncertainty are identified and ways to resolve them are proposed, an analysis is made regarding the results of the study.

Keywords: "managerial decisions, managerial activity, decision-making in conditions of risk and uncertainty, situational management, internal affairs bodies, law enforcement, information, information and telecommunication technologies, decision-making criteria