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Synthesis of electrical complexes for generating electrical energy using renewable energy sources


Synthesis of electrical complexes for generating electrical energy using renewable energy sources

Arhipova O.V., Denisenko A.V., Krohalev M.A., Petuhova O.A., Husainov E.I., Balyklov E.S.

Incoming article date: 04.12.2020

The decentralized electric power supply zone occupies about 60-70% of the territory of the Russian Federation. Electric power supply here is carried out using electric generator sets with diesel drive engines. In combination with the difficult logistics of fuel and lubricants materials delivery, this leads to a high prime cost of electricity energy generated. In the capacity of a measures to the costs of electricity reduction, renewable energy sources are used, while maintaining diesel generation as a guaranteed supplier of electricity. Renewable energy is characterized by significant stochastic fluctuations. Based on experimental data, the article shows that the daily load curves of small settlements contain a significant stochastic component, which greatly exceeds the seasonal, daily, and technological components in amplitude. The purpose of this work is to substantiate the structure and parameters of a hybrid energy storage device (HESD) for the synthesis of electrical power generation complexes using renewable energy sources. Spectral analysis using the window Fourier transform is used as a tool. It is established that the energy approach to the choosing of HESD components requires N types of electric energy storage devices, which differ in the ratio: the permissible frequency of the charge-discharge cycle to the cost of the component. As a criterion for choosing the structure and parameter values of a hybrid energy storage device, an estimate is proposed for the levelized cost of electricity (LCOE).

Keywords: hybrid energy storage, electrotechnical complex, renewable energy, daily load curve, spectral analysis, Fourier series