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Attitudes of the students of Grozny towards friendship


Attitudes of the students of Grozny towards friendship

Mochtchenko I.N., Debiev M.V.

Incoming article date: 09.12.2020

The work is based on the results of a pilot survey conducted among students of Grozny State Technical University at the end of 2019. The questionnaire consisted of two parts. Designed to measure the affective and cognitive components of the attitudes under consideration. The study of the emotional attitude of students to friendship is reflected in the previous work. This article is devoted to the analysis of the cognitive perception of this social phenomenon. The results of a comparative analysis of these two components of the installations are also presented. A technique known as the test tradition in sociology was used to measure cognitive attitudes toward friendships. Students evaluated this parameter based on 11 primary characteristics. Further processing was carried out on the basis of the modernized method of analyzing hierarchies. In contrast to the generally accepted technology, the hierarchical structure of priorities was not set in advance. The priorities of the next level were determined by parallel factorization of the parameters of the underlying level. It is found that 11 primary parameters are reduced to three factors of the next level, which in turn form an integral indicator of the cognitive perception of friendship. The revealed hierarchical structure reflects various aspects of such cognitive perception. The paper presents the distribution functions of the obtained factors.

Keywords: friendship, cognitive component of attitudes, test technology, method of hierarchy analysis, factorization, integral indicator of cognitive perception, distribution functions by respondents