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Development of a quadcopter control system in SimMechanics


Development of a quadcopter control system in SimMechanics

Solovyev P.R., Savina L.u., Zaharkina S.V., Masanov D.V., Rizhkova E.A.

Incoming article date: 24.10.2023

The article discusses automatic selection of coefficients for PID controllers of quadcopter motors based on a 3D model. This selection became possible thanks to the method discussed in the article for exporting a 3D model of a quadcopter, created in the Solidworks CAD system, into the Matlab/Simulink environment, as well as with the further use of the SimMechanics library. To select the coefficients, a quadcopter control system is also implemented to the Simulink project, the signals from one sent to the motors in accordance with their physical location. The result of the article is a flight visualization of a 3D model of a quadcopter with a control system implemented in Simulink.

Keywords: solidworks, matlab, simulink, quadcopter, uav, pid, simmechanics