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Improving the process plant crops on sloping soils


Improving the process plant crops on sloping soils

N.F. Skurjatin, S.V. Mereckij

In order to reduce energy costs, drain the flood and storm waters from sloping areas under grain crops developed: energy-saving method of sowing; constructive-technological scheme sowing section zernotukovoy drills; analytical model of the interaction of structural elements based on the combined opener Sweeps with the soil, forming a furrow in it with the specified parameters to accommodate two rows of seeds simultaneously with fertilizers; An analytical model for grain movement semyatukoprovodu and beyond podlapovom in space; structural and technological parameters developed sowing section. Dana techno-economic evaluation method based on yield increase resulting from the comparative evaluation with the traditional technology of winter wheat cultivation.
Keywords: Soil, crop, slope, method, apparatus, fertilizers, energy saving.