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Multichannel OpAmp and JFET follower IC on radiation hardened array


Multichannel OpAmp and JFET follower IC on radiation hardened array

O.V. Dvornikov, V.A. Chekhovsky, V.L. Diatlov, N.N. Prokopenko, E.I. Starchenko

Incoming article date: 12.03.2013

The features of circuit engineering and results of chip computer simulation which consists of 4-channel operational amplifier (op amp) and 2-channel electrometric voltage follower, designed for pre-processing of sensors signals in high-energy physics are considered. 
The characteristic properties of designed op amp are the absence of current source in the input differential stage and the use of parallel high-frequency channel for increasing of the bandwidth and slew rate.
The results of experimental research that have confirmed the low sensitivity of the parameters of designed integrated circuits created on the field programmable gate array "FGPA-1.3" without the horizontal p-n-p transistors to the influence of gamma-irradiation and electrons with energy of 4 MeV are given.  

Keywords: operational amplifier, field programmable gate array, voltage follower, sensor, sensing element, radiation resistance.