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Data analysis automation in experimantal research


Data analysis automation in experimantal research

Ivanov I.I., Petrov P.P.

Incoming article date: 26.02.2018

The purpose of the ongoing research work is to create a platform for automated data processing, that provides the user with a coherent textual report with the results of the analysis. The results of the first stage of the work are: the development of a system of meta-data properties, the development and implementation of an algorithm for obtaining meta-properties from the user, writing code for the application of basic statistical methods in R, constructing an algorithm for automatic analysis based on meta-properties and its software implementation. The results of the second stage of the work are: testing and updating of platform algorithms, investigation of text generation methods, development of a system of multivariate templates for interpretation of results, and development and implementation of algorithms for forming a coherent textual report with data analysis results. Based on the recommendations of data analysis report formatting (GCP and others), templates for interpreting the results for each statistical method have been developed. Possible combinations of properties of initial data and results are analyzed and template variants for each scenario are created. All the developed algorithms (4 tasks, 6 modules) are launched on the platform (online service online.statzilla.ru).

Keywords: diversification of management, production diversification, financial and economic purposes of a diversification, technological purposes of ensuring flexibility of production