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The study inhomogeneous waves near the boundaries of media


The study inhomogeneous waves near the boundaries of media

A.P. Voloshchenko, S.P. Tarasov

Incoming article date: 02.06.2013

We study the problems in the propagation of acoustic waves of a sound range near the boundaries of media. The features of the wave processes occurring at the water-air interface, due to the influence of inhomogeneous waves. Considered in detail the properties and parameters of an inhomogeneous plane wave. The mathematical calculations of the transmission coefficients L.M. Brekhovskikh for spherical and cylindrical waves through this boundary, allowing to take into account the contribution of inhomogeneous components. It is shown that than the frequency of radiation of a source is lower and the closer it is located to water-air interface, the acoustic transparency of this border is higher. Study of the dependence of the transmission coefficient of the water-air interface at low frequencies can have important consequences in a number of fundamental and applied problems. Increase the transparency of the interface requires a reassessment of the feasibility of acoustic communication from water in the air, the detection of underwater sources without dipping into the water and acoustic monitoring of the physical processes occurring in the water.

Keywords: Inhomogeneous plane wave, water-air interface, transmission coefficient, wavelength, spherical wave, acoustic impedance.