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Socio-political attitudes of student youth of Grozny at the beginning of 2015


Socio-political attitudes of student youth of Grozny at the beginning of 2015

Ivanova M.I., Debiev M.V, Dudaev M.M.

Incoming article date: 15.12.2015

The results of a direct survey, conducted among students GGTU in early 2015. Were interviewed 107 people. The sample was typical in terms of social indicators for the University. Students showed a high level of their social and economic security. Average group values of these parameters of 3.09 and 2.85 , respectively. And evaluation of their life prospects even higher, of 3.69 (here and below all results are given on a scale from 0 to 5).Indicators of involvement in political life is a little lower. The average levels of engagement and participation in policy 2.05 and 2, 35, comments - 2,31. In this case, the respondents show on average strong positive political mood. Levels of agreement with the decisions of authorities and the recognition of their fair policies and the 3.23 or 3.28. Assess the situation in the Republic and in Russia as a whole and 3,04 3,24. The obtained regularities are confirmed not only on group but also on individual levels. Show that the distribution function of indicators of the respondents also cited in the work.

Keywords: questionnaires, cognitive performance, direct survey, socio-economic security, inclusion, political life, assessment, consent, the decision of the authorities, the political situation, the average of the group, the distribution function