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Designing the ontological model for the domain model of «Information security»


Designing the ontological model for the domain model of «Information security»

Kolesnikova D.S., Vereshhagina E.A., Guljaev V.E.

Incoming article date: 30.04.2023

This article describes aspects of ontology design for the sphere of information security. There are some examples of the use of ontologies in the sphere of information security including risk management, classification of threats and vulnerabilities, monitoring incidents, as well as examples of existing developments of ontologies for information security. The relevance of the development of legal ontologies is determined and examples of their use in practice are given. Also, the importance of designing a legal ontology for the subject area of information security under consideration is given due to the presence of a large legal framework. The paper presents the developed ontology model for one of the regulatory documents in the field of personal data protection. The approach to ontology design presented in the paper is proposed to be applied in the development of an information security learning system.

Keywords: security, information security, protection of information, information, domain model, normative legal act, ontology, ontological approach, design, legal ontology