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  • Reviews, suggestions and discussions

  • Architectural and construction concept of the cable car station in Rostov-on-don

    To the attention of readers is submitted the detailed story about the project of young architects from Novocherkassk " The architectural and construction concept of the cable metro station in Rostov-on-Don". The basic idea of the project - a new decision of a transport problem of the connection of the right and left banks of the river Don - an air cable road. The air metro is ecologically clear, absolutely save (the high resistance to strong winds, and also the high degree of failure in any conditions) and the silent type of passenger transport. Two stations are suggested to Rostovites and guests of the city for comfort using: the multi-level parking and the shopping and entertainment centre on the right and left coasts respectively. This project solves a number of difficult tasks. First of all it combines the functionality and security and at the same time projected buildings completely accord to people's representation about the beauty and the comfort. The creation of the Cable Metro Station allows to solve the transport problem which is typical for big cities, and also it becomes a new sight of our city. Keywords: the transport problem, the cableway, the silent type of passenger transport, multi-level parking, shopping and entertainment centre, the combination of the functionality and security, the constructive scheme - the hard monolithic core, the individualization of the appearance, the unique architectural expressiveness.

    Keywords: transport problem, cable car, silent type of passenger transport, multi-level Parking, shopping and entertainment complex, combination of functionality and safety, constructive scheme - rigid monolithic core, individualization of appearance, unique archit

  • Best European practices for the introduction of renewable energy sources in Russia

    Within the concept of sustainable development, special attention is paid to the environment. Of course, the key goal of sustainable development in the field of ecology is the stability of ecological and physical systems. Eliminating the needs of the environmental plan will lead to environmental degradation and jeopardize human interaction with nature. With sustainable development, many industries are changing. One of these industries is energy, the vector of which is changing in the direction of sustainable development of energy saving. Due to the high level of energy intensity of many sectors of the economy, there are problems of improving energy efficiency. It requires changes in the energy sector, such as the introduction of alternative energy sources. As an example, it is necessary to refer to the successful experience of implementation in European countries such as Germany and the United Kingdom. The experience of these countries shows that state support and private investment have a positive impact on the development of the industry, increasing the share of renewable energy in the country's energy structure. Projects are also being set up to promote alternative energy, such as the centre for renewable energy and sustainable technologies in Northern Ireland. Due to the relevance of the European experience, it is proposed to build a similar center in the Rostov region, taking into account local specifics.

    Keywords: energy efficiency, renewable energy, energy resources, sustainable development, alternative energy, solar energy

  • Physical and mathematical sciences. Physics

  • Dynamic monitoring of data parameters of lightning currents in the south of the European part of Russia

    During the year, depending on the latitude and climatic zone, the number of thunderstorms and their intensity vary greatly, these parameters decrease to the Northern latitudes due to a decrease in humidity and temperature and, accordingly, a decrease in the probability of forming conditions for the formation of convective and thunderstorm clouds. The article deals with the mechanisms of dangerous effects of lightning discharges. The electric parameters of the discharges for thunderstorm processes in the atmosphere were studied using data from the geophysical monitoring center of the FGIBU "VGI", which includes a network of sensors of the automatic thunder-gauge finder - the range finder LS8000. The results of the analysis of the recording of ground-discharge currents and the time of their growth obtained during the period of its operation are presented. The authors determined the statistical distributions of the lightning current amplitude. It is established that the discharge parameters in different regions differ and can change with time. This means that for the effective operation of lightning protection systems and the implementation of measures to ensure life safety during thunderstorms, it is necessary to monitor the lightning situation in each individual region.

    Keywords: atmospheric electricity, lightning discharges, lightning guides, lightning protection measures, life safety

  • On the possibility of using optoacoustic methods for studying the properties of biological tissues (review)

    The optoacoustic effect used for imaging can provide improved spatial resolution and temperature sensitivity compared to other methods of non-invasive cytometry, thermometry, used during thermal therapy for safe and effective diagnosis. However, the accuracy of the described optoacoustic methods is reduced due to biological variability and heterogeneous composition of tissues. Optoacoustic spectral analysis is used to assess the morphological changes of red blood cells (for example, size / shape).

    Keywords: optoacoustics, optoacoustic signal, biofluid, oxygenation, hemoglobin, erythrocyte

  • Spectrum density of the first zone of linear coupled oscillators Part I

    The aim of this work is to estimate the density of the electron spectrum of objects with a dispersion bond, such as liquid helium, for example. The interest in its electronic properties is caused by the recently discovered dynamic polarization in the second sound wave, which made the study of its zone structure relevant. In this paper, the objects under study are modeled after born by a linear chain of coupled oscillators. The dispersion bond is considered on the basis of the quasi-classical London approximation, which takes into account the correlations of the oscillating dipole moments of atoms. The first part of the work is preparatory. A brief review of the new experimental data for helium II is given, and the problem statement is formulated. On simple examples (lines of two and three coupled oscillators) the research methodology is worked out. This section is of independent importance for rapid estimates of the density of the electron spectrum in dispersion coupling, and identifies trends in the change of spectrum parameters with an increase in the number of structural units. It is obtained, in particular, that the band width increases and the specific binding energy decreases slightly. In the second part, a long chain of coupled oscillators is investigated on the basis of the developed techniques. The density of the electron spectrum is calculated both for specific chains and in the thermodynamic limit. The results obtained in this work are planned to be used in the future for the development of dynamic polarization models for helium II

    Keywords: dispersion forces, helium II, dipole moment, harmonic oscillator, coupled oscillations, normal mode, electron spectrum, density, narrow band, binding energy

  • Technical science. Informatics, computer facilities and management

  • Analysis of special simply-supported plate by the theory of plates of moderate thickness

    In this article the results of analysis of special simply-supported plate by theory of plates of moderate thickness are presented. The special feature of this plate consists in specification of special boundary conditions on its edges which are different from usually specified boundary conditions. The uniformly distributed load is acting upon the plate. In this article the results of analysis by the finite element method are presented

    Keywords: simply-supported plate, theory of thick plates, theory of plates of moderate thickness, Mindlin plate theory, Kirchhoff plate theory, bending moment, twisting moment, shear force, finite element method

  • Paper web weight regulation based on the method of extreme filtering for real-time systems using frame-by-frame signal processing

    A comparison was made between two methods for analyzing trends recorded by the scanner — EMD and EF. Informative components are given to build a forecast that can be used to change the controller in the system.

    Keywords: Empirical Decomposition (EMD), Extreme Filtering (EF), Paper Machine (BDM), Real-Time Systems, Frame-by-Frame Signal Processing

  • Dynamic norms of random and directed mutations in the genetic algorithm

    Dynamic norms for random and directed mutations in a genetic algorithm for solving the problem of placing elements in an orthonormal lattice have been developed. The principle of these norms is borrowed from the method of imitation annealing. The probability of using random mutations decreases in accordance with the annealing temperature, and the probability of directional mutations increases from iteration to iteration when approaching the optimum.

    Keywords: genetic algorithm, the task of placing the elements, the annealing method, random mutations, directed deterministic mutations

  • Conceptual model of data storage system functioning based on solid-state drives with deduplication technology

    The article proposes a structural-functional model of a data storage system based on solid-state drives, implementing deduplication technology to optimize the use of disk space. The concept is based on systems approach. The functioning model is presented in the form of interaction between the control subject (the system administrator) and the control object (the storage system). The system is exposed to external stream of requests from user applications over the Internet. The output parameters of the system include such performance indicators as storage capacity, storage time, storage cost, performance and reliability. The data storage system is presented in the form of four main integrated components, sequentially connected with each other: Network Service; deduplication system based on VDO technology; write management system, software RAID Control System; array of SSD drives. While the flow of requests passes through the system, the delay at each component is determined by the appropriate mathematical model. Such a structural and functional representation of the system allows applying the methods of statistical modeling and queuing theory to its analysis. The use of the proposed model will allow to design a data storage system of the given volume and service life with a minimum storage cost for a consumer with given performance and reliability indicators.

    Keywords: data storage system, solid-state drives, deduplication, SSD-drive, RAID-array, modeling, optimization

  • Development of the integrated system "ObuvPro +"

    Today, one of the important indicators of production efficiency is the degree of informatization and automation of technological processes of the enterprise. Many shoe enterprises are in dire need of such tools as a quick estimate of the labor and material resources needed to manufacture products. As one of the possible options for meeting such needs, an integrated system developed by the authors of the article is proposed, the introduction of which is directly capable of affecting the competitiveness of the enterprise. The article proposes to carry out the procedure of integrating the process design system with the design system and automated enterprise management system. The article provides a detailed description of the developed information system: describes its functionality; diagrams of interaction of information processes occurring within the system are presented; describes the interaction of system components; describes the structural components of the system.

    Keywords: automated control system, software, technological process, footwear production, database

  • System analysis of areas of development in the field of industrial use of non-timber forest resources: chaga birch mushroom

    In the course of the system analysis of scientific and technical information, including patents, it has been established that currently the forestry sector is actively patenting technical and technological solutions for basic operations, but not enough attention is paid to building knowledge bases in the field of technologies and equipment for non-timber forest resources. The formation of databases in this area is caused by identified trends in product development from various types of natural raw materials for the pharmaceutical, food, cosmetic industry and other areas of the social sphere and economy. Among the types of natural raw materials, an important place is occupied by raw materials with a wide range of biological effects, including chaga birch fungus. The development of the knowledge base in the field of engaging chaga in various spheres of the social sphere and economy is based on system analysis and patent search.

    Keywords: knowledge base, birch mushroom, intellectual property, forest complex, non-timber forest resources, patent, intellectual property, chaga

  • The limit state of a rotating disk

    Within the plane-stress state the problem of a high-speed rotating disk being under side pressure is considered. Within the model of a perfect rigid-plastic body and the Mises yield criterion the allowable boundaries of external parameters have been defined. Within the model of a perfect elasto-plastic solid and the Mises yield criterion the limit state of the disk has been considered. The displacements and the deformations are assumed to be negligible quantity; deformation plasticity theory is chosen. The problem of defining the stresses is ecstatically determined. The displacements are determined together with the stresses. In order to define the displacements as single-valued within the model of a perfect elasto-plastic solid when the disk is in the limit state it is chosen the condition that the plastic deformations inside the disk side surface are equal to zero. For the model of a perfect rigid-plastic body in order to define the displacements as single-valued the displacements values inside the side surface of the disk are needed to be determined. Plots of numerical calculations for the stresses, the deformations, the displacements and the stress vector hodograph have been introduced.

    Keywords: the plane-stress state, Mises yield criterion, the limit state, a rigid-plastic body, an elasto-plastic solid, a rotating disk, a stress vector hodograph

  • Calculation of the tortuosity of the boundaries of flat figures

    The paper considers the tortuosity of regular n-gons, fractals and the tortuosity of the boundaries of a rectangular trapezium. The tortuosity value ωn is obtained in the limiting case. For all the considered figures, the dependencies of the tortuosity values on the number of sides of the regular n-gon and on the nth iteration for the fractal in question were constructed. For the boundary of a rectangular trapezoid, we plotted the curves of the tortuosity border on the angular coefficient of the straight line y = px + q, which bounds the trapezoid under consideration. It is shown that with an increase in the number of iterations in each fractal, the value of tortuosity increases, and its limiting value tends to infinity.

    Keywords: Tortuosity, closed loop, fractal, regular n-squares, Koch's snowflake, contour boundaries

  • Electronic device performance modeling

    Development and improvement of radio engineering devices, reduction of their design time period require development of effective methods of mathematical modeling of analysis and optimization of these devices technical parameters. The paper considers new mathematical models that describe such objects for which it is necessary to use algebraic equations along with differential ones. Kirchhoff's laws, component equations, equivalent transformations of currents and voltages gradually eliminating algebraic expressions from consideration are been used for the paper objectives solution. As a result of these transformations, the system which contains differential and algebraic relations is reduced to a form of differential equations in the Cauchy form. This allows applying well-developed methods and algorithms for the numerical solution of differential equations in further researches.

    Keywords: mathematical modeling, optimization, electronic device, bipolar transistor, state space method, differential equations, regular search algorithms

  • Technologies of work with information in the building modeling

    The сonstruction industry in Russia is conservative, new technologies, including information, are introduced with difficulty. Modern modeling technologies open up new resources in the effective management of information flows in the construction industry. Communication between architects and builders at the level of information model is difficult: different modeling systems have their own file formats. The methods of combining different parts of the model in a single environment: a single language description, direct interfaces, the creation of a single platform. The article describes the possibilities of BlockChain technology in the implementation of building information modeling technology. Evaluation of the feasibility of using BlockChain showed that the use of technology is relevant for a growing number of participants.

    Keywords: building information modeling, BIM-technology, BlockChain, information security, unified information platform, data transfer technology

  • The calculation algorithm for systems with unilateral constraints with the replacement reactions of the supports on the force variables

    In article the algorithm of calculation of systems with unilateral constraints with the replacement reactions of the supports on the force variables. The calculation algorithm is based on the finite element method in the form of the classical mixed method. The algorithm of search of version of the working constructive scheme is based on the modified "physically obvious" algorithm of design constructively nonlinear systems. The paper describes the features of the resolution system of the algorithm proposed by the authors and provides a flowchart. A comparative analysis with the algorithm of calculation of systems with unilateral constraints, proposed by the authors earlier, as well as some others. The efficiency of the algorithm is tested on numerical examples.The advantages of the proposed algorithm are: The vector of results includes the reaction of the support, which allows you to make a decision to change the design scheme; the calculation takes into account, as an additional loading factor, the size of the displasement in the realized one-way support, which increases the accuracy of the calculation.

    Keywords: structural mechanics, single-sided supports, structural nonlinearity, the mixed form of the finite element method

  • A modified method of estimating spectral characteristics using discrete transformations of Walsh and method of parametric spectral analysis of Proni

    In this article there analyzed the three step approach in a modified spectral characteristics evaluation method using discrete transformations of Walsh and method of parametric spectral analysis of Proni. There briefly described the method based on the method of parametric spectral analysis of Proni, describing the positive and negative qualities. It is also proposed to apply a discrete change of Walsh and Hadamard. There suggested the use of three step procedure. Applying of Walsh discrete transformation will simplify and reduce the computational procedures. When applying these transformations for analysis of mathematical models of processes with similar characteristics, it is proposed to calculate the templates, and then to compare these templates. And templates for each group are invited once to calculate parameters using a modified Prony method or Prony and Berga combined method. Later on using Walsh transforms it is necessary to compare the results obtained with the available templates.

    Keywords: modeling, spectral analysis, Proni method, method of Walsh, the model order discretization step response duration

  • The system of pre-trip express diagnostics of drivers of passenger vehicles

    As a result of analyzing various factors that reduce the level of professional working capacity of the driver of passenger vehicles, a method of pre-trip computer assessment of his professional readiness has been developed. The software for personal computers and mobile devices has been developed, which allows to carry out express diagnostics of the functional states of the driver, based on test tasks and mathematical analysis of the obtained values.

    Keywords: passenger driver, express diagnostics, pre-trip performance, functional status, testing methodology

  • Calculation of water flow expenditures on multi-layers sites of rivers

    The article discusses the current problems of calculating the distribution of water flow; the problems of current methods based on solving nonlinear equation systems are identified; proposes a new method for solving problems; analysis of the effectiveness of the proposed method; proposed a way to optimize the simulation calculations.

    Keywords: waterways, water expenditures, modeling

  • Building a physician-customized breast cancer classifier using combined thermometry

    We consider the problem of diagnosing breast cancer on the basis of combined thermometry. Diagnosis is carried out using two-dimensional generalized signs. Each such sign is formed on the basis of two one-dimensional. We propose an algorithm for the formation of sets of such features using tapering ellipses. On the basis of a set of such signs a classifier is built. By varying the semi-axes of the ellipses, the physician can control the sensitivity and specificity of the classifier. The doctor can fix the threshold value of specificity and achieve the maximum value of sensitivity. As a result of computational experiments, we built a family of 300 sets of two-dimensional signs and implemented a classifier customized by the doctor.

    Keywords: combined thermometry, diagnostic algorithms, data analysis, algorithm sensitivity, algorithm specificity, logistic regression, custom classifier, breast screening, mammology

  • Modeling the effect of billet diameter deviations on dimensional accuracy when profiling shaped tubes to improve the process

    The issues of improving the quality of products produced by predicting the resulting geometric characteristics of the shape of the pipes to be profiled and their accuracy are considered. An objective mathematical model was created that adequately describes the real process. The computational experiment was performed using software packages that allow implementing the ANSIS and DEFORM finite element method. The dependencies of the studied shape parameters on the outer diameter of the workpiece are established. The presented dependencies and the proposed guidelines for the conduct of the process are of practical use and are useful to developers and consumers of process equipment for predicting the results of profiling

    Keywords: Pipe profiling, deformation, stress, mathematical model, finite element method, accuracy, quality

  • Principles of technological preparation automation of production by neural network modeling

    The basic principles of methodological support for the process of automation of technological preparation of production of products are formulated from the position of identifying the relationship of technological parameters of processing with the target properties of the product. The architecture of the neural network model is proposed and the basic principles of its construction are formulated.

    Keywords: automation, technological process, technological preparation of production, neural networks, modeling, technological parameters, target properties