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  • Ecowool properties in a timber-framed wooden building during long-term operation with variable heating mode

    A survey of the frame-panel building was carried out, in which ecowool was used as the heat-insulating material. A study was made of the moisture state of wooden frame walls and attic floors. Ecowool samples were taken from various sections of the wall. No mold was detected on material samples. In this case, the sorption humidity was not more than 16%. The results of laboratory tests of ecowool showed high persistence of density and coefficient of thermal conductivity during long-term operation. Tests were conducted to determine the effect of moisture on the change in the physical and technical properties of ecowool. The research results were processed by statistical methods. As a result of the study, it was found that moisture does not accumulate in the ecowool layer of the examined frame walls and attic flooring, but goes out through the insulation and elements of the building envelope. The conducted studies allow us to predict the preservation of the heat-shielding properties of ecowool during operation for a long time

    Keywords: ecowool, durability, sorption humidity, density, coefficient of thermal conductivity

  • An integrated approach to the replacement of heating appliances in residential buildings

    The article describes an integrated approach to the replacement of heating appliances in residential buildings in the event of major repairs or mechanical wear of these devices. The conditions of use of different types of modern heating appliances in existing heating systems have been analyzed. Based on experimental data, an analysis has been conducted for the operation of an aluminium radiator in a single-pipe up-feed heating system with respect to various radiator connection options to the riser. Recommendations have been provided on usage of modern types of heating appliances in residential buildings.

    Keywords: the heater, thermal comfort, the response time, a single-pipe heating system, the connection diagram of the heater to the riser.

  • Features of high-rise construction in a modern metropolis

    In the view of most people, the criterion "high-rise buildings" is very blurred. Five or seven storey buildings were considered one or two centuries ago to be tall, but now you will not surprise anyone with a number of storeys over fifty. Russian law sets the maximum possible 75-meter height for residential buildings and 50-meter - for public buildings. The construction of higher facilities is subject to special requirements. The article discusses the development of high-rise buildings of a megalopolis using the example of the city of Rostov-on-Don, presenting famous high-rise buildings in Rostov at present. Along with increasing the number of storeys of buildings, their design features are also changing. The types of structural schemes of high-rise buildings, the materials of the supporting structures of high-rise buildings, their advantages and applications are described. The problems that arise in high-rise construction are described.

    Keywords: Rostov-on-Don city, high-rise construction, number of storeys, development, urban planning, zoning, architecture, design, high-strength concrete, high-strength reinforcement

  • Development of a heat-insulating polymer coating filled with phenol-formaldehyde microspheres

    This paper presents the results of the development of a heat-insulating coating based on a polymer binder for thermal insulation of hot metal surfaces of industrial equipment, process plants, pipeline surfaces, operating at temperatures up to 100 0C. The heat-insulating coating is based on a polymer composition containing a mixture of acrylic polymer and styrene-butadiene rubber, hollow phenol-formaldehyde microspheres, pigment and water as a binder. The use of phenol-formaldehyde hollow microspheres in this composition in an amount of 20.0 to 40.0 wt. % as a filler, it allows to reduce the thermal conductivity of the developed coating and increase its strength characteristics, in comparison with a similar coating containing carbon microspheres. The use of this composition allows to obtain a polymer coating with high thermal insulation and mechanical properties.

    Keywords: heat-insulating coating, acrylic polymer, styrene-butadiene rubber, hollow phenol-formaldehyde microspheres, tensile strength, thermal conductivity

  • Construction technical expertise and research carried out by specialists in the field of construction outside the judicial sphere: common and excellent features

    Nowadays, technologies in construction are rapidly changing, improving and updating. 3D modeling technologies are actively used. In turn, changes in the construction industry are reflected in the existing building regulations, JV and GOST. But often in modern conditions of the capitalist state builders realize building objects in improper quality. Reasons of the given problem are various: reduction of a used material, economy of means on poor quality materials, neglect of quality for the purpose of performance of terms of the contract. In this connection, the role of forensic construction technical expertise is being updated. But for the correct understanding of the role of forensic construction technical expertise, its goals and stages, it is necessary to determine the very essence of forensic construction technical expertise, its differences from other studies conducted by specialists in the field of construction outside the judicial sphere, namely, from the state construction supervision, as well as the essence of the extrajudicial expertise in construction.

    Keywords: forensic construction technical expertise, real estate, operation, technical inspection

  • The green roofs are the way of improving the ecological safety of the environment during reconstruction and construction

    This article discusses the new technological solutions for the installation of green roof structures. The developed technologies are aimed at solving the problems of improving the environmental safety of construction production, improving the comfort level of the urban environment, and improving the urban appearance. Green roof structures are considered as a way to reduce the concentration of dust pollution and its spread, including from construction production by implementing this technology in the design and construction of residential neighborhoods, where there is a phased commissioning of facilities and residents of already populated homes experience the effects of pollution from objects being built in the neighborhood. The article describes in detail the characteristics of two developed green roof structures that can be used in the design and construction of new facilities, as well as in the reconstruction of existing buildings, describes the device technology, and calculates the cost of installation. These technological solutions allow you to save labor costs during construction work, by reducing the increase in the incidence of workers and, accordingly, reducing the cost of construction work.

    Keywords: environmental safety, green roof, phytoecology, atmospheric air protection, ecology in construction, dust suppression, dust settling, construction in confined conditions, roof, landscaping system

  • Multidisciplinary research

  • Construction of a multi-channel system of quantum key distribution with frequency coding

    In this paper, we propose the option of constructing a multi-channel system of quantum key distribution with frequency coding, based on an electro-optical scheme of a system of quantum key distribution (hereinafter QKD) with pairs of amplitude modulator and phase modulator on the Alice side, and pairs of phase modulator and amplitude modulator on the Bob side ( hereinafter referred to as AMPM-PMAM), using a Comb generator, a multiplexer and a demultiplexer to form multiple parallel quantum subchannels.

    Keywords: quantum cryptography, quantum key distribution; frequency coding, electro-optical photon modulation, amplitude-phase tandem modulation

  • Magnetic stimulator for influencing ferromagnetic nanoparticles in biomedical research

    The paper describes the design of a magnetic stimulator for studying the effect of ferromagnetic nanoparticles on biological objects in a magnetic field. In a magnetic stimulator, an electromagnet acts as a source of exposure, which creates an alternating magnetic field. To register the magnitude of the magnetic field created a special device based on Arduino. The presented magnetic stimulator can be used in the study of biological objects in vitro and in vivo. The stimulant is made of inexpensive, readily available components.

    Keywords: magnetic stimulator, ferromagnetic nanoparticles, alternating magnetic field, electromagnet