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  • Solving the planning routes problem with time constraints

    Many organizations in the process turn to services related to the delivery of different categories of cargo. Transport logistics is responsible for the process of moving the required amount of cargo to a given point using the optimal route. At the same time, there is often an additional restriction - the delivery of cargo to a given point should be carried out strictly during a certain time interval. The presence of time restrictions lead to the fact that the routes formed without their consideration are not permissible. This article considers developing a solution of the planning and optimizing routes problem with time constraints.

    Keywords: route, route planning, route optimization, time constraints, vehicle route problem

  • Development of HTTP server

    n the framework of this article describes the development of a program for servicing HTTP clients in automatic mode. The program allows clients to receive, register, re-write and delete resources. The input is given to the address of the configuration file, which lists the main parameters and the resource directory. During operation, the server accepts the incoming connection, determines the requested resource, its acceptable version, and, verifying the feasibility of this method, performs the corresponding operation. The work process is accompanied by the output of information about the processed requests: the ID of the processed stream, the client address, the method, the resource identifier, the status code.

    Keywords: HTTP server, HTTP protocol, web server, client-server technology

  • Some aspects of definition of the form of large-size bodies of rotation in the transverse section

    One of the problems of machine building is the definition and measurement of the geometric shape of large-sized parts of machines and mechanisms, which are often the bodies of rotation. Similar parts are used with high intensity in the drum type connections. Therefore, diagnostics of parts is required to determine the possibility of their further use. One of the criteria for this is the shape of the surface of the part and its deviation from the normative values. In the framework of this article, a method for estimating the shape of large-sized bodies of revolution considered which makes it possible to perform measurements with high accuracy for parts of arbitrarily large dimensions

    Keywords: large items, large rings, deviations from roundness, body rotation

  • Hydropneumatic impact device

    The analysis of drum machines, percussion device compares various designs, describes the design and operation of the original drummer hydropneumatic equipment designed for use in hydraulic single-bucket excavator.

    Keywords: hydropneumatic shock device gidropnevmoudarnik, working organ excavator pulse systems, hydraulic