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  • Prospects for the use of carbonate rocks of the Perm Region for the production of chemically deposited chalk with specified quality indicators

    On the territory of the Perm Region there are a large number of deposits of carbonate rocks. Their application in various industries is limited due to the high amount of impurities, so to expand the scope of application of local carbonate rocks, it is proposed to use chemical methods for obtaining deposited chalk, which were considered in the article. The most rational method seems to be the carbonation of calcium hydroxide with carbon dioxide. The implementation of this method is possible at commercial lime production plants, which will not only solve the important environmental problem of carbon dioxide emissions in such industries, but also will allow expanding the market for high-quality calcium carbonate, which is in demand by various industries.

    Keywords: calcium carbonate, chemically precipitated chalk, lime, calcium oxide, calcium hydroxide, carbon dioxide, carbonation, commercial lime