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  • Features of the development of offshore oil fields

    "This article discusses the process of salt formation in the development of oil fields. The relationship of the hydrogeological environment with oil deposits, as well as the influence of hydrogeological conditions on them. The influence of the hydrogeological properties of oil fields, which affect the formation of salts directly during the development of an oil field, is considered. The article presents the problems of the formation of salt deposits, the main salts that are most often found by industrial oil workers in the development of oil fields.Oil companies are constantly spending tremendous amounts of money on salt deposits. Modern industrial oil companies use mechanical, chemical methods of salt control and use inhibitors to prevent their formation. Using these methods is effective, but quite costly. In order to prevent the occurrence of salts, a cheaper method is modeling. And also such a method can prepare specialists in advance for a future problem with deposits. From what it can become clear which funds should be involved in the fight against these deposits"

    Keywords: shelf, salt deposition, oil field, nucleation, temperature, pressure, solubility, oil, natural gas, produced water