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  • Investigation of nonlinear waves on a surface a magnetizing liquid of infinite depth

    The problem of the propagation of nonlinear surface waves in a magnetized liquid of infinite depth is solved. The dependence of the frequency of wave oscillations on the magnitude of the magnetic field strength is shown in the graphs. Trajectories of motion of particles of liquid are found. The effect of a magnetic field on the height of a wave is investigated. The results of the study can be used to calculate various technical devices and technological processes.

    Keywords: surface waves, magnetizable liquid, magnetic field, wave number, frequency of wave oscillation, magnetic field intensity

  • Flaw detection of a steel wire method of tensor magnetic topology

    `Described is the methodology of studying of topology of tensor quantity of magnetic field of leakage of natural defects in the natural geomagnetic field magnetization, which is the base for realization of digital Hall defect scope. Using this set it was managed to register the defects with the peculiar size of 15 microns in steel wire, which is used for reeling of butter spring of trucks.

    Keywords: non-destructive testing, Hall-effect sensor, magnetic tomography.