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  • Estimation of geomechanical terms and condition of long workings mines of "DTEK Pavlogradugol" development perspective underground mining

    The purpose of research, which are given in the article, is detailed analysis of the existent state of complex of the long workings and development perspective underground mining of Private stock company Pavlogradugol', estimation of total expenses on construction and maintenance of working taking into account repairs, estimation of condition complexity for the development of coal seams on the mines of Western Donbass. Methodical basis of the carried out complex researches is as follows: an analysis and generalization of literary sources and positive experience of maintenance of workings in difficult conditions; methods of mine visual inspections; methods of statistical, valuation, and analytical evaluation of the data on the state of the extended working and complexity of the conditions of development; a comparative analysis of the results achieved. The results of researches are as follows: generalized indexes of workovers on the mines of production amalgamation and separate groups of working; selected group of mines, referred to the category of “large” depth of development; dependence of the length of the workings of the unsatisfactory state on the development condition indicator, obtained from the results of analytical calculations; ways of increasing the stability of extended mine workings of Private stock company DTEK Pavlogradugol'. The got dependences allow determining possible expenses on repair and maintenance of workings in the operating state on the stage of planning. Effective for the examined mining and geological conditions the ways of improvement of support and methods of increase the stability of the long workings are grounded.

    Keywords: long workings, stability, deep mine, expenses on maintenance, methods of maintenance

  • Methods and devices for detecting fractures in granite in the procurement process blocks

    The article discusses the issues of quality control, and primarily fracture of granite blocks in the process of their extraction in the quarries of North-West region of Russia. Analyzes the causes of fracture, its influence on strength of granite products recommended instruments for its detection. Focuses on the causes of fracture of the granites in the process of their extraction methods of diamond cutting and using explosion. Recommended certified and made in the state register of Russia measurement tools allow you to control the defects by the method of the anchor dug, devices for measuring the frequency of oscillations of products from granite, allowing its value to control the presence of defects in the samples, instruments for measuring humidity granites.

    Keywords: Granites, defects, granite mining, quarry, quality, quality control, fracturing, the technology of extraction of granite

  • About creation of model of calculation of jointed rock mass at tectonic loadings by method of equivalent materials

    In article results of the previous work of authors of numerical modeling of jointed rocky massifs at tectonic loadings are. Also in article the detailed description of carrying out physical modeling with use of equivalent materials is given. Results of this modeling and their comparison with numerical experiment are yielded.

    Keywords: physical modeling, numerical modeling, mathematical modeling, imitating modeling, method of final elements, the intense deformed state

  • The need to carry out comprehensive monitoring of underground facilities at various stages of the life cycle

    Expressed need for a new approach to the development of underground space. The main task of complex monitoring at various stages of the life cycle of the underground facility. The description of the measuring stations to monitor the efforts of roof bolting

    Keywords: Underground space development, monitoring, vertical shaft, anchor

  • Development of a framework enabling technology waste rock and minerals processing ores KMA

    The problem of utilization of iron ore tailings . The prospects of iron ore mining in the Russian underground . A method for extracting iron from tailings to 9 % of the original content, by mechanochemical processing. The results of particle size distribution , chemical and mineralogical analyzes of samples collected waste ferruginous quartzites LGOK . Experiments were carried out using the methods of planning optimal experiments , Box-Behnken and included 24 experience. Obtained according to the content of metal recovery in the leach solution of sulfuric acid , sodium chloride , rotor speed and the ratio of disintegrant liquid and solid phases. This dependence allows to determine the optimal parameters of technology in terms of " metal recovery ." The resulting secondary processing of tailings to be used in the manufacture of hardening mixes for stowing as an inert filler and binder counterpart .

    Keywords: tailings, mechano-chemical activation, iron ore, ferruginous quartzites, metal recovery

  • Assessment of need of reconstruction of vertical shafts on a factor of critical deviations of rails from a vertical

    The problem of a deviation of elements of an reinforcement of shafts lifting operation is considered eventually. The example of profiling of railings for the mine shaft being in long operation is given, and the statistical analysis of the actual deviations of railings in comparison with standard values is made. Probabilistic approach to determination of need of reconstruction of vertical shafts on a factor of critical deviations of railings from a vertical is offered.

    Keywords: vertical shaft, reinforcement, railings, reconstruction, statistical analysis, probability theory

  • Studing of creation a properties of anthropogenic sediments in phosphogypsum dumps' by remaking basic material from various deposits

    There is two type of phosphate minerals for phosphate basic materials. Features of the apatite and the phosphorite deposits are given consideration. It is marked, that stacking process is forming from two sorts of phosphogypsum: dehydrate and semi-hydrate calcium sulphite. The results of studying the phosphogypsums' physical-mechanical properties are given. Specific structurial-mechanical, strength and strain conditions are considered.

    Keywords: apatite deposits, phosporite deposits, extraction method, dehydrate and semi-hydrate phosphogypsum, dumps, geotechnical properties