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  • An Embodiment of the Controlled Thermonuclear Fusion in Nonsteady Conditions

    In this paper a burning cycle and a basic design of the reactor for the implementation of fusion using a deuterium stream and gaseous target of deuterated diborane (B2D6) were proposed. Two modes of the reactor operation were considered. The presented modeling shows a positive estimation for the burning cycle in which different volatile boranes can be used also. This type of reactor, and use the burning cycle, allowsto theenergetically positive balance - 9.26 MeV per the beam deuteron. In addition, in this process the helium isotope (3He) is generated, which is a valuable product and may be used in other types of fusion reactors. For absorption of excess neutrons a solution of boric acid which contains the natural mixture of boron isotopes was considered to use. In this case, the formation of lithium borate would occur.

    Keywords: fusion, deuterium stream, gas target, deuterated boranes