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  • Ecological assessment of groundwater quality Kuibyshev district, Rostov region and methods of treatment

    The problems of drinking water supply of Russian population in rural areas, where the level of life support is lower than in urban areas are not just escalated but become depopulation factor in some regions. While developing and recommending any water treatment technology first of all it is necessary to be guided by the chemical composition of source water. In many rural areas groundwater has become the only source of drinking water, because the level of surface water contamination and hydrometric characteristics make them unsuitable for use. The data for the survey of physical and chemical composition of groundwater and groundwater from wells and public wells used in the drinking water supply of Kuibyshev district in Rostov region are delivered. The analysis showed that Kuibyshev region belongs to the areas of virtual absence in fresh groundwater resources, where groundwater with increased salinity and high content of sulfates and hardness are prevailed .The ecological assessment of using this water desalination method as reverse osmosis was carried out in this study. In areas with no centralized sewerage and sewage treatment facilities, the Kuibyshev region belongs to, using of this method is inappropriate.

    Keywords: rural settlement, underground water, drinking water, salinity, hardness, purification, reverse osmosis, soil salinization.

  • Assessment of mercury content in soils and sediments of the Don River Delta

    The article discusses the content of mercury in soils and sediments of the Don River Delta. The features of the spatial distribution of metal concentrations, as well as the transverse profiles and depth. Calculated the volumes of mercury in bottom sediments from soils with surface destruction, both on individual sites and throughout the of the Don Delta.

    Keywords: mercury, soils, bottom sediments, Don river, delta

  • To the question of sources and volumes of oil components, input into Black sea

    The paper is devoted with the analysis of sources and volumes of oil components’ input into the Black sea. The topicality of this problem is connected with of transboundary the status of water object that contributes to the complexity of such works. Black Sea has important significance for transport and development in the coastal zone of the oil complex, combined with a great recreational potential. As a result, ecosystems are technogenic impact. The paper describes the main natural and anthropogenic sources of oil components in the Black Sea. On the basis of the results of our expeditionary research and analysis of sources of pollutant concluded chronic character oil pollution of the Black Sea. And the conclusion that the most optimistic estimates, entrance of oil components in the ecosystem in the Black Sea is approximately 270 thousand tons per year, which is higher than the currently accepted values of 2−2.5 times. 

    Keywords: sources, volumes, oil components, the Black Sea, hydrocarbons