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  • Experience of innovative development abroad

      Today in Russia, unfortunately, the science is one of professions, is far not so popular, as the lawyer, the financier or the programmer. At the same time competitiveness of modern economy depends both on separate scientific and technological achievements, and on technologies of management of an innovation in the various countries. The review of experiences of innovative development is presented in this article abroad in such countries, as the USA, China, Finland and South Korea. Innovative development of these countries conducting economically will be rather interesting to CIS countries where need of such development is an essential task.

    Keywords: science, innovative system, innovative development, hi-tech production

  • The Israeli nanotechnologies for Russia

      The review of key scientific events of conference and exhibition is provided in article «by NanoIsrael – 2012», and also development of nanotechnologies by the Israeli scientists and possibility of use of this scientific experience in area of engineering education in Russia is estimated.

    Keywords: nanotechnologies, nanomaterials, «NanoIsrael – 2012», Russian-the Israeli projects

  • The review of the latest western nanotechnologies (on materials of the international NanoIsrael-2012 conference)

    Recently (on March 26-27 of this year) there passed the international NanoIsrael-2012 conference which showed considerable successes of the world community as in basic researches in the sphere of nanotechnologies, and in creation of real innovative productions in this area of the industry. One of the main sponsors of conference was also RUSNANO which presented information on nanoindustry development in Russia. The review of the western nanotechnologies presented at conference is provided in article.

    Keywords: nanotechnologies, the Israeli companies in the field of the nanotechnologies, the nanostructured polyurethanes, technology of nanoreinforcing, a nanowire, nanostructure

  • Innovative process and innovative engineer

      Basis of social and economic development of modern society is implementation of continuous innovative process. In a general view and in final realization innovative process means carried-out sequence of stages and stages of an embodiment of idea of a possible innovation in development, production, sale and diffusion of the new innovative product briefly called by "innovation". A basis of innovative process, its basis, purposeful activity of direct performers of innovative development is. Methodologically innovative performing activity is made according to order, rules and the recommendations defined by innovative engineering. In article the terminological difference of the concepts "innovation" and «innovative process» is analyzed, and the analysis of different definitions of an innovation leads to a conclusion that the specific maintenance of an innovation is made by the changes being the main function of innovative activity.

    Keywords: innovation, innovative process, innovative engineering.

    Keywords: nanotechnology, nanomaterials, energy, new materials, nanodevices, manage properties, bioelectronics.


    Keywords: innovation, research, nanomaterials, nanoparticles, advanced development.


    Keywords: nano-science and nanotechnology, technological way, Skolkovo, scientific funding, innovative breakthrough.


    Keywords: innovation development, Skolkovo, formation of needs in innovation, expertise and administrative core, the new grant program, expert advice, the Polytechnic Museum, breakthrough design, nanotechnology, new wastewater treatment technology, high temperature superconductivity.