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Development of a composite heat-resistant polymer dielectric material


Development of a composite heat-resistant polymer dielectric material

Pavlycheva E. A.

Incoming article date: 22.07.2020

This paper presents results of development of heat-resistant dielectric composite material based on epoxy resins to create structural and electrical radio products, coating materials receiving and transmitting radio systems for the aerospace, naval and land equipment. Research results show that when adding 10 wt.h. polyethylene polyamine as a hardener, 10-30 wt.h. polymethylphenylsiloxane as a modifier to ensure homogeneity, 10-40 wt.h.ceramic hollow microspheres and 5-15 wt. h. alumina as fillers per 100 wt. h. epoxy resin can be obtained a material with low permittivity and high thermal stability at 150 °C.

Keywords: dielectric material, polymer binder, epoxy resin, polyethylene polyamine, polymethylphenylsiloxane, hollow ceramic microspheres, heat resistance, permittivity