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Model of ultrasonic information channel with piezoelectric transceivers


Model of ultrasonic information channel with piezoelectric transceivers

Kaplya V.I., Kazaky Y.G.

Incoming article date: 09.12.2019

In the article the model of ultrasonic information communication channel realized on the basis of piezoelectric transceivers is considered. The model is based on the known model of a single transceiver in the form of an equivalent RLC circuit by introducing a resistive coupling between the electrical circuits of two transceivers. Piezoelectric elements are used in the field of their own resonant frequencies, which allows them to match the oscillatory circuits with reactive and resistive elements. The choice of resistive coupling is due to the fact that the energy of the emitted ultrasonic waves can be represented as the energy that is scattered on the resistive element of the oscillatory circuit. On the part of the receiver of ultrasonic waves, it is natural to believe that the received energy also enters the resistive element of its oscillatory circuit. It is possible in principle to introduce a functional dependence of the depth of the resistive coupling on the spatial length of the information channel and the radiation pattern of the piezoelectric transceiver. Simulation modeling was carried out to assess the functionality of the obtained relations. The constructed graphical dependencies allow to illustrate the properties of the proposed model.

Keywords: piezoelectric transceiver, electrical model of piezoelectric transceiver, circuit, resonant frequency of the transceiver, radiation resistance