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Organizational and educational aspects of the NBICS convergence


Organizational and educational aspects of the NBICS convergence

Svechkarev V.P., Olishevsky D.P.

Incoming article date: 25.03.2017

Investigated the organizational and educational aspects of the promotion of convergent education in Southern federal university. The results and capabilities-proven multidisciplinary approach in training of specialists of high level.The necessity of forming the structure, processes and training programs of the NBICS specialists in the form of a transdisciplinary environment is revealed. It is shown that the latter is formed as a result of the coordinated integration of the environments for the formation of goals, implementation and resource support of the transdisciplinary educational program. The hierarchical nature formation for each of the environments was noted. Describes the hierarchy of objectives, reflecting the diversity and alternativeness of educational trajectories. Presents insourcing center, integrating the outsourcing potential in research and design of structures. The educational direction of the meta-environment of NBICS-convergence is defined.

Keywords: NBIC-technologies, NBICS convergence, convergence of knowledge, interdisciplinarity, transdisciplinarity, outsourcing, insourcing, center for collective use, innovation