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Global and local public perception of propaganda


Global and local public perception of propaganda

Mochtchenko I.N., Bugayan I.F.

Incoming article date: 15.03.2019

The probabilistic model of perception of concrete propaganda information is presented. Previously, such a model was developed by us for subjects with a neutral attitude to propaganda in General. Now it is generalized to the case of arbitrary relation. In the model, the perception of a particular news is stochastic in nature, and in the limit goes to the levels of complete reliability or complete unreliability. At the same time, there is a connection between the level of global perception of propaganda as a whole and the levels of local perceptions averaged over the entire previous ensemble of specific news . On a concrete example it is shown that the offered model allows to restore for any investigated group dynamics of local perception of concrete information on known functions of distribution of global perception. This information is important to identify the features of perception, depending on the external and internal characteristics of the study group. In addition, the model presented in this article is the basic one. One of its purposes is to serve as a basis for further expansion along the way of taking into account the impact of the social environment. That is supposed to hold in the future.

Keywords: propaganda, perception, in General, individual news, modeling, probabilistic-stochastic approach, discrete-event approximation, Bayesian theory, multi-agent analysis