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Group political attitudes of students DGTU


Group political attitudes of students DGTU

M.I. Ivanova, A.N. Yaroshenko, I.N. Mochtchenko

Incoming article date: 25.09.2013

The article discusses the analysis of group attitudes toward political order DGTU students. Pilot study took place in 2013 and was carried out using questionnaires, which was attended by 52 people. The analysis includes statistical processing data, as well as the method of sequential factor analysis with the identification of group settings.
Levels of cognitive perception of political order for the Region: -0,174 and Russia: 0,139. The level of relative deprivation is 0,46. Behavioral component has two levels: assessment and activity. The estimated level of behavior was 0,151, and the level of behavioral activity is -0,205. Further, according to the received secondary factors carried factorization and final calculation has behavioral component. An integral level of behavioral component is -0.12.   

Keywords: групповые установки, аффективный компонент, поведенческий компонент, когнитивный компонент, относительная депривация, анкетирование, политические установки, факторный анализ