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Analysis of group protest activity


Analysis of group protest activity

Ivanova M.I., Mochtchenko I.N.

Incoming article date: 30.09.2015

The technique of the analysis of latent group protest activity is given in this research. The work is a pilot study, focused on the identification of judgments relevant to the characteristics of the protest actions. We used the Thurstone method of pre-screening survey, in which participated 24 people. The analysis passed within one-dimensional scaling by means of ranging and creation of a scale of judgments. Shown approbation pilot study on a large group of respondents involved in the election campaigns of the Rostov region. It was revealed that for the majority of the respondents are acceptable actions are work in the government for the purpose of supporting the existing government, and also complete neutrality.

Keywords: a political tension, protest activity, the group setting, cognitive component, behavioral component, questionnaire, latent conflict potential