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  • Physical and mathematical sciences. Physics

  • Nanostructured Composites Based on Interpenetrated Polymer Networks Kinds, Classification, Properties, Synthesis, Application

    Using an interpenetrating polymer networks (IPN) principle in production of composite materials provides an unique possibility to regulate their both micro- and nano- structures and properties. By changing the IPN formation conditions (as a resultof polymerization and ratio of components, temperature, pressure, catalyst content, introduction of filler and or ionic group) one may obtain the material with desirable properties.Different types of IPN are prepared by using traditional polymers: polyurethanes, including nonisocyanate polyurethanes, epoxies and acrylates; non- organic fillerscan be used as the cluster system.The article discussestheir basic synthesis methods for IPNs their principal features and characteristics.

    Keywords: interpenetrating polymer networks, crosslinked polymers, classification of IPN, properties of IPN

  • Study the possibility of using electrostatic treatment in the processing of ripe tomatoes

    The use of physical and chemical methods of processing in the food industry substantiates the possibility increasing resource efficiency of production. According to the research it was proposed and justified the use of electrostatic processing of ripe tomatoes, identified possible applications of electrostatic treatment of water and air environments.

    Keywords: electrostatic field, processing of fruit and vegetables, tomato, installing with electrostatic processing unit, storage

  • Nanostructured Composites Based on Interpenetrated Polymer Networks Nonisocyanate Polyurethanes Based on Cyclic Carbonates and Nanostructured Composites Part II

    Recent advances in chemistry and technology of nonisocyanate polyurethane (NIPU) materials based on cyclic carbonate oligomers are reviewed in this paper. Reaction of the cyclic carbonate and amino groups results in β-hydroxyurethane fragments with specific properties. Primary attention is given to the hybrid materials that contain epoxy and acrylic compounds, especially materials based on renewable raw materials. Hybrid organic composites comprising of silanes are also considered. An overview of the recent publications in this field is provided with a more detailed description of achievements by the authors and their corporate employees. The use of NIPU materials as coatings, adhesives, and foams is described.

    Keywords: nonisocyanate polyurethanes, cyclic carbonate oligomers, hybrid polymers

  • Using physical and chemical methods of treatment in order to prolong shelf life, improve the quality and food safety control

    The article presents review of the scientific and technical literature in the field of application of physical and chemical treatment methods to produce food products with improved consumer properties, continuing for a long time. The methods presented are among the key in the food industry and are actively used to create the nutritional industry.

    Keywords: electrostatic treatment, electrochemical activation of solutions, freeze drying, improving the product quality, increase shelf life, control, quality, safety

  • Heat transfer from vertical heated pipe to fluid in conditions of free convection

    The main maintenance of a diversification of production as activity of subjects of managing is considered. being shown in purchase of the operating enterprises, the organizations of the new enterprises, redistribution of investments in interests of the organization and development of new production on available floor spaces. The most important organizational economic targets of a diversification of management are presented by innovative activity of the industrial enterprise.

    Keywords: heat transfer, coefficient of heat transfer, thermal conductivity, similarity criteria, electric analog, vertical pipe, fluid, air, hot-water boiler

  • Quantum-chemical investigation of the sorption properties of cation-exchanged montmorillonites.

    This work presents the results of investigation of one of the most widespread specimens of layered silicates minerals group - montmorillonite, that are the part of the natural dispersion of bentonite from Millerovo minefield via density functional theory (DFT) methods. The hygroscopic moistness of monoions forms of smectite group layered silicates is studied experimentally; these layered silicates are the most active components that significantly determine the properties of the dispersion as a whole. The correlation between hygroscopicity and theoretical values of inter-packet distances is established in studied samples by calculating total energies with optimization of the crystal structure.

    Keywords: layered silicates, exchangeable cations, density functional theory, hygroscopicity, montmorillonite

  • Theoretical Study of Kaolinite Intercalation by Polar Aprotonic Solvents

    The paper represents the results of theoretical study of molecules behavior of polar aprotonic solvent dimethyl sulphoxide on basal surfaces and in interpackage space of kaolinite. Spectral and energetic regularities of chemical bond formation are studied. Intercalation of DMSO molecules into interpackage space of kaolinite results in the shift of valence vibrations Si-O into high-frequency zone. It also results in vibration suppression of hydroxyl clusters of gibbsite layer. It proves the appearance of strong hydrogen bond between the molecules of polar aprotonic dissolvent and hydroxyl and siloxane kaolinite surfaces. The paper reveals that adsorption of DMSO molecules decreases the surface energy of kaolinite and enables its organophilicity.

    Keywords: "layered aluminosilicates dimethyl sulfoxide, density functional theory, intercalation, hydroxyl surface siloxane surface kaolinite"

  • Model of mobile system diagnostics and regulation of multiphase environments flow regimes

    The model of mobile system of diagnostics and automatic regulation of multiphase environments flow regimes is considered. The analysis of existing methods for determining the thermal parameters of a mixture of several gases and liquids in the presence of particulate matter in the stream showed the relevance of the small size mobile systems, in which the measurement is made with modern sensors for pressure, temperature, gas content. Control signals state multiphase flow formed in the controller based on the values of the complexes Kutateladze - Sorokin, Baker. Specific designer elements of diagnostics and regulation system development of multiphase environments flow regimes is offered. The directions for further research in relation to specific multiphase systems are planned.

    Keywords: mobile system, multiphase flow, diagnostics, regulation

  • The heat losses of steam lines in the deterioration of insulation properties in process of using.

    This article is devoted to the issues related to energy saving in extraction of petroleum with high viscosity and bitumen. The author identifies the shortcomings of existing methods of thermal insulation of steam lines. The article contains the calculation of the specific heat loss of steam pipelines with polyurethane insulation. The calculation is considering an influence of the thermal destruction on the coefficient of transcalency of insulation.

    Keywords: steam pipe, heat losses, polyurethane insulation, mineral wool, thermal destruction, petroleum-producing

  • Methods of treatment of thermal images of power energy facilities

    To escape from subjectivity in the analysis of thermal images during the thermal study of energy facilities proposed to use thermographic information functions . The method is implemented by means of mathematical analysis environment MathCad. As a criterion for assessing the technical condition of power equipment use rate of defects.

    Keywords: non-destructive testing , diagnostics, thermogram method of analysis , the transformer , the ratio of defects

  • The structure, grain structure and dielectric properties of multiferroic Bi 1-x La xFeO3 (x = 0.00-0.50)

    The investigations of the crystal structure, grain structure and dielectric properties of high-temperature multiferroic Bi1-x LaxFeO3 were carried out over a wide concentration range x = 0.00-0.50.

    Keywords: multiferroic crystal structure, grain structure, dielectric properties

  • Preparation, microstructure and dielectric spectra of the multiferroic Bi1-xPrxFeO3, x = 0.00-0.50

    The investigations of the crystal structure, grain structure and dielectric properties of high-temperature multiferroic Bi1-хPrxFeO3were carried out over a wide concentration range x = 0.00-0.50.

    Keywords: multiferroic crystal structure, grain structure, dielectric properties

  • Technical science. Instrument making, metrology and information and measuring devices and systems

  • The development of gestosis risk assessment expert decision support system

    The expert system for practical use by doctors in hospitals is designed The systems is solve the problem of classification opinions on the gestosis development and degree during pregnancy risk. Multi-factor knowledge base derived based on the results of studies analyzed in the work, and includes a set of genomic and post-genomic signs of pregnancy complications. The main users of the system (doctors, researchers and patients) and their requirements for software implementation of the developed expert system. Structure of expert decision support system in the evaluation of the risk of preeclampsia, comprising components (characterizing developed information systems belonging to the class of expert systems), the functions and subjects were created. The types, feature space feature descriptions and attributes the knowledge base of these patients. The generalized algorithm of the system and the possibility of its further development were given.

    Keywords: Expert system, knowledge base, requirements analysis, Statistical classification, feature space, gestosis, preventive diagnostics, a personified medicine

  • Developing elementary inductor for the system magnetotherapy local action with discrete-controlled structure of the field

    In this paper, the problem of formation of the dynamic magnetic field is reviewed. To solve this problem, an analysis of the sources of the magnetic field for local action, also the mathematical modeling of the magnetic field of an elementary inductor were conducted. As well as implement an elementary inductor and investigated its parameters.

    Keywords: dynamic magnetic field,magnetotherapy, system of inductors, inductor, electromagnet, magnetic induction, mathematical modeling

  • Comparison of methods stop iteration with empirical mode decomposition

    The article compares the S- and SD-methods of sifting IMF. Was considered an example with a test signal and analysed the effectiveness of decomposition.

    Keywords: empirical mode decomposition, error of decomposition, intrinsic mode functions, S-method, SD-method, normalized squared difference, operation of sifting, LabView, Hilbert-Huang transform

  • The concept of evaluation technical condition with HHT-transform vibro-acoustic signals

    The concept of technical condition assessment based on the analysis of the Hilbert spectrum . Detailed description of vibro-acoustic signal processing algorithms and the principle of decision-making about the serviceability of the equipment.

    Keywords: Hilbert-Huang transform, empirical modal decomposition, intrinsic mode functions, correlation functions, confidence interval,vibro-acoustic signal, evaluation of technical condition, Fourier transform, wavelet transform, Hilbert spectrum

  • Technical science. Informatics, computer facilities and management

  • Conflict character models of driving in Russian society: the influence of gender stereotypes

    Studies of social stereotypes and stereotyping mechanisms as part of the process of social cognition occupy priority places in the research of images of interacting partners. The problems of accentuation stereotypes in real behavior and activity of individuals in the field of road traffic (drivers, pedestrians, representatives of DPS) today only acquire some shape, but has not yet been properly addressed to. Traditional studies of gender stereotypes, unfortunately, are not able to uncover the underlying mechanisms of perception, which "create and run" the process of stereotyping due to specific reasons, objectively contained in the activity of subjects of interactions on the road. Attempts to detect and describe these mechanisms require research of real interactions of the subjects and objects of stereotypes, namely those and their specific characteristics that contribute to the emergence and actualization of gender stereotypes. The importance of this article is determined not only by the prospects of the development of theories of stereotypes as forms of everyday consciousness, but also the possibility of using some of the ideas for positive change of life of road users, accompanied by a high level of conflict, risk, interaction and challenges related to different factors of social reality. Gender stereotyping of subjects of road interactions are important factor clearly uncommitted to objective rules and norms of the culture of behavior on the road.

    Keywords: gender, gender stereotypes, motorists, models, driving, interaction, conflicts

  • Mathematical modeling and research of processes of interaction in a virtual environment. Problems and main topic

    The process of electronic on-Board documentation composition is discussed. Mathematic description of the process of electronic on-Board documentation composition is introduced. Main tasks of electronic on-Board documentation composition is formed. The way of solution of these tasks is suggested. The objective of the research project is formed and relevancy of this research is noted.

    Keywords: electronic on-Board documentation, tasks of electronic on-Board instructions composition, virtual simulators, operation plan, information field of documents, ontologies, mathematical models

  • The algorithms of strategies’ synthesis in three-criterial problem of single-processor servicing in stationary objects grouping

    The maintenance model of group of stationary objects in a one-dimensional working area by moving processor is considered. The processor performs one-step service cycle without interruptions, which begins and ends at the base point. For every object assumed to be given its location, the required length of service, an early start of service and function of the individual fines. We study the problem of multiple criteria, where total traveled processor length, time of return of the processor in the base point after the service of all objects of a given group and the total fine value of all objects act as minimized criteria. The solution is performed using formulas based on the principle of dynamic programming, and also based on the ideology of evolutionary genetic algorithms. When using dynamic programming we study questions of construction of complete sets of effective assessments. The problems of comparing two sets of estimates, the computational complexity, an example and results of the experiments are considered.

    Keywords: multi-objective optimization, maintenance strategy, dynamic programming, evolutionary computation, NP-difficulty, mobile processor, stationary objects

  • Model parametric hierarchical quality assessment of technical system

    In complex technical systems, such as, for example, gas supply companies engaged in the use, processing and transportation of gas, improving the quality of functioning is largely due to the fact how effectively be able to use resources management when abnormal and emergency situations. Implement management quick and timely action controller and related services to a large extent depend on the quality of information available on the state of the system, keeping in mind those of its features that can adequately classify and identify the situation adequately assess the state of the system and choose the most optimal conditions prevailing in framework for action. The modern development of information technologies and means of automation and computerization can solve the problems associated with providing efficient and trouble-free operation of a complex technical system, timely response to dangerous situations, control of the consumption of resources, taking into account a comprehensive plan parametric, functional, topological and other characteristics controlled system and its objects in the interaction and relationships, creating static and dynamic images of the object, allowing combined with modeling processes to implement current and forecast assessment of the state of the system with sufficient accuracy and reliability. The paper presents a model of quality assessment of complex technical systems. Evaluation of the status of objects and the system as a whole by means of intermediate scales numerical evaluation as qualitative estimates are associated with their quantitative equivalents, allowing the algorithm to construct a formal transfer. State system objects viewed through the prism of determining compliance parameters of the object of one of the areas of the state, taking into account the possible modes of operation of the system. This data is the variable quality of the order given on the set of equivalence relations items, which leads to the qualitative nature of the assessment.

    Keywords: qualitative assessment of the state of the system, object model, rating scale, discriminating sign, algorithm, parameter, variable. criticality, importance, significance

  • Intelligent motion control of autonomous vehicles based on behavioral approach

    The purpose and objectives of this work is to develop methods for planning the trajectory of moving objects. Achieving the goals and objectives achieved by the development of the motion planner mobile autonomous robot based on fuzzy logic . With the software package Matlab simulation results obtained fuzzy scheduler works in an environment with unknown location of obstacles.

    Keywords: mobile robot, vehicle, planner, fuzzy logic, behavior, coordination, algorithm

  • Analysis of application aspects of regulators in quadrotor automatic control

    The purpose and objectives of this work is to develop methods for the design of hybrid systems manage badly formalized technical objects related to unmanned aerial vehicles such as helicopters, namely quadrocopters. The result of the article is to provide analytical information on the existing structures of hybrid controllers, the understanding of the characteristics of their design, practical use. The results differ from the more unique orientation with respect to the management of quadrocopters based on a hybrid approach.

    Keywords: quadrotor; control; uncertainty; decision making; fuzzy logic; neural networks; hybrid control