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  • Automatic calibration of nonlinearity of intensity in projection systems

    The article discusses the method of automatic elimination of nonlinearity in the registration of intensity in projection systems. Errors in the intensity recording affect the accuracy of phase measurement systems based on structured illumination of objects. Gamma-correction hardware cannot completely eliminate such distortions, since the type of inverse relationship may be a more complex function. The method is based on the projection of the ideal wedge and automatic determination of the intensity levels required for recording

    Keywords: optical measurement systems, structured lighting, profile detection, intensity, nonlinear distortion, digital image processing

  • Super resolution in digital holography

    The article considers a method of increasing the resolution of images in holographic systems based on subpixel shift algorithms. Methods of solving systems of equations of large dimension by reducing to block form are considered. The simplest solution is obtained when a set of matrices with an increased resolution is formed from a set of matrices with a shift in one direction, and then the resultant matrix is formed from the resulting set.

    Keywords: super resolution, subpixel shift, holography, solution of systems of equations, holographic interferometry, aperture

  • The use of generalized functions to discretize images

    The article discusses the mathematical apparatus of the sampling images using generalized functions. It is shown that in the frequency domain spectrum of a real signal is not a convolution and product of the signal spectrum with the spectrum discretetime functions.

    Keywords: sampling, quantization, digital signal processing, generalized functions

  • The system that automatically dials emergency services in the event of a road traffic accident

    The paper represent a view about modern solutions of operational notification of emergency services about Hard traffic accident and realisation of suitable software product.

    Keywords: mobile device, mobile application, medical ambulance, emergency reaction, means of the notification, electronic medical record, java programming, Android operating system, road accident, geodata, time, "gold" hour

  • Model of mobile system diagnostics and regulation of multiphase environments flow regimes

    The model of mobile system of diagnostics and automatic regulation of multiphase environments flow regimes is considered. The analysis of existing methods for determining the thermal parameters of a mixture of several gases and liquids in the presence of particulate matter in the stream showed the relevance of the small size mobile systems, in which the measurement is made with modern sensors for pressure, temperature, gas content. Control signals state multiphase flow formed in the controller based on the values of the complexes Kutateladze - Sorokin, Baker. Specific designer elements of diagnostics and regulation system development of multiphase environments flow regimes is offered. The directions for further research in relation to specific multiphase systems are planned.

    Keywords: mobile system, multiphase flow, diagnostics, regulation

  • The spatial localization of functions in the cerebral cortex

    The paper introduce modern information about localization of function of human cerebral cortex from the viewpoint of brain’s structure.

    Keywords: brain, cerebral cortex, contex cerebi, neocortex, cytoarchitectonics, functional map of cere-bral cortex, localization of function of cerebral cortex, sensomotor centers

  • System monitoring and diagnostics of athletes

    The article deals with the question about the prospects of the use of modern equipment in order to develop and explore new methods of monitoring and diagnosing the health of the athlete. Particular attention is given to the experimental part of its implementation, and testing. During the software was developed, by which obtained data on the physical condition of an athlete in real time, as well as some physiological indicators.

    Keywords: diagnosis, monitoring, detection methods, the experiment, a potential athlete, sports, health

  • System of designing multifunctional reconfigurable intelligent sensors in educational process

    The article is devoted to the system of designing multifunctional reconfigurable intelligent sensors (MRIS), examines results of application of MRIS in development of educational laboratory test benches for monitoring of parameters of environment

    Keywords: intelligent sensors, system developing, MRIS, educational laboratory test benches