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Culture of health as a component of psychological security of a person


Culture of health as a component of psychological security of a person

E.N. Kamenskaya, L.V. Tolmacheva

Incoming article date: 17.12.2014

The problem of human security in the modern world has become extremely important. The aim of our research is to study the culture of health as a component of psychological safety of the person. We stick to the personal approach and consider the psychological security from the perspective of the subjects of interaction. Building a culture of health should also include certain activities to enhance the reserve capacity of the organism, formation of sense of security and freedom of expression. In the proposed structure of the culture of health provided: Move subject to a positive picture of the world, including changing the point of view of his position in it, the construction of an optimistic life prospects of personal and professional development; optimization of its interaction with the environment, including daily and professional activities, expansion of ideas about the possibilities of his body, the mastery of techniques of self-mental state, purposeful acquisition of knowledge and skills in the field of health, regular physical training

Keywords: psychological security of the person, psychological health, healthy lifestyle, health protection, culture of health