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  • Scientific researches and developments

  • Technical control during the installation of technological equipment

    In the article mounting a production system. The analysis of the structure of the mounting system of production is determined that an integral part of it is a collection of elements - technical control. This collection of elements is divided into two groups. The first belongs to the module technical design, which developed simultaneously with the mounting technology basic principles on the use and parameters of the control technology. The second one is implemented in the module production management and is related to metrological assurance (quality management) installation process. Describes the group of elements of technical control are interdependent, have diverse relationships with each other and with other elements of the system and Assembly production.

    Keywords: technical control, Assembly production, the structure of the mounting system of production, technical control, project construction management, project manufacturing operations, process map

  • Simulation of the design activity diversification of innovative enterprise

    The main maintenance of a diversification of production as activity of subjects of managing is considered. being shown in purchase of the operating enterprises, the organizations of the new enterprises, redistribution of investments in interests of the organization and development of new production on available floor spaces. The most important organizational economic targets of a diversification of management are presented by innovative activity of the industrial enterprise.

    Keywords: diversification of management, production diversification, financial and economic purposes of a diversification, technological purposes of ensuring flexibility of production

  • Erecting multistory buildings with monolithic reinforced concrete slab floors by using of precast large-sized spatial structures

    Introduction. The present invention generally relates to construction elements for erecting structures, and also to methods of erecting structures with the use of construction elements. Construction elements for erecting structures are conventionally flat elements, which are assembled at a site of construction for erecting a structure. Such flat constructions elements cannot be too wide because their transportation with the use of conventional transportation means is not possible. It is therefore necessary to use the construction elements with reduced width to allow their transportation, or to produce wide construction elements at the construction site. It is therefore believed that it would be advisable to improve existing construction elements and methods for erection of structures with their use. Result. The new technology of construction, based on the use of precast reinforced concrete large-sized spatial structures with variable geometry, allowing transportation without the special vehicles. After truck shipment and restore the geometry, structure is mounted to final position. As a result of the only one mounting stage, load bearing and (or) enclosure structure, permanent formwork of a monolithic slab floor are erected. The proposed technology is confirmed by the author’s priority (Patent № US 8,615,967 B1 / Dec. 31, 2013) Conclusions. Patent search report and the actual fact of the U.S. Patent allow us to draw a conclusion on feasibility and prospect of new technology.

    Keywords: technology of construction, precast reinforced concrete structures, spatial structures, transportation

  • Design technology research of regional integration policies as a condition of innovative development South of Russia

    Article is dedicated to increasing the effectiveness of the regional integration policy of the Southern Federal University in southern Russia. The concept of creation and development of educational research and innovation complex - Department of regional integration on the basis of the higher school of the university.

    Keywords: South Russia, South Federal District, Southern Federal University, technology department

  • Problems and prospects of military-patriotic education in the Cossack Cadet Corps Russia

    The article investigates the formation and development of the network of the Cossack cadet corps in Russia. Cadet education is seen as a unique and effective system for producing high-quality secondary education and upbringing of the younger generation.

    Keywords: Cadet Corps, military education, the Cossacks, traditions and education

  • Processes of neopentylglycol extraction from the aqueous-organic systems Part II

    The results of the solubility research of the polycomponent water organic systems with neopentylglycol, sodium formate and organic solvents are presented. The temperature concentration parameters of the extraction and crystallization processes of neopentylglycol and sodium formate are identified on the bases of the solubility diagrams obtained, the technological diagrams of the processes are given theoretical basis and enlarged laboratory experiment was carried out.

    Keywords: neopentylglycol, aqueous organic systems, solubility diagrams, extraction, crystallization

  • Basic approaches to modeling processes curing nano-dispersed silicate systems Part I

    In this article we consider the use of quasi-homogeneous approximation to describe the properties of disperse systems. We used a statistical method of polymer based on the consideration of all possible structures averaged macromolecules of the same weight. The equations to assess many additive parameters of macromolecules containing their systems. Statistical polymer method allows modeling branched, cross-linked macromolecules and containing their system in a state of equilibrium or non-equilibrium state. Fractal consideration of random polymer allows you to s imulate different types of random fractals and other objects studied by the methods of fractal theory. A method of statistical polymer is not only applicable to the polymers but also to composites gels associates in other polar liquids and aggregate systems. In this paper we described the state of colloidal solutions of silica from the viewpoint of statistical physics. This approach is based on the idea consists in the fact that a colloidal solution of silicon dioxide - silica sol consists of a very large number of interacting particles in a continuous motion. It is dedicated to the study of an idealized system of colliding, but not interacting particles sol. Analyzed the behavior of silica sol, in terms of Maxwell-Boltzmann distribution was calculated and the mean free path of the colloidal particles. Based on these data, it was calculated the number of particles that can overcome the potential barrier in a collision. For modeling the kinetics of the sol-gel transition, we have discussed various approaches.

    Keywords: quasi-homogeneous approximation, disperse systems, statistical polymer method, the formation of cross-links, fractal method, sol, silica sol, sol-gel transition, the mean free path

  • Stratified layers of lubricant with different physical and mechanical properties

    It is known that the presence of particles in the lubricating fluid additive or wear products, and also due to its molecular orientation of the wall near the solid support surface bearing lubrication is separation into layers of different viscosities. Laminar flow of a viscous incompressible fluid in the gap of the thrust and radial bearings considered in [1-16]. A significant drawback of the proposed methodology here is that the computational model is ignored pressure dependence of viscosity. For large values of the pressure in the lubricating layer of lubricant viscosity increases significantly, and there is a need to address the dependence of viscosity on pressure.

    Keywords: double-layer lubrication, maintenance force adapted profile, stratified flow, pressure dependence of viscosity, viscoplastic grease

  • Release of XIII International Scientific and Technical Conference "Medical Information Systems"

  • Experience of teaching of the discipline «medical facilities» in Rostov state medical university

    The article is devoted to the experience of teaching of the discipline «Medical Facilities» in Rostov State Medical University in compliance with the 2010 year State Educational Standard of Higher Vocational Education. The structure of the discipline, technical supplying, methods of conducting practical and theoretical lessons, rating grading system are discussed.

    Keywords: Higher school; the teaching of natural sciences; biophysics; medical facilities; rating grading system

  • Some questions of professional selection

    The article discusses issues related to the psychology of safety, professional competence, professional selection, professional risks, occupational traumatism. In order to reduce professional risks and controls it’s necessary to improve the quality of professional selection. It is assumed that one of the diagnostic tools to determine the level of proficiency may be information system "Reflexive assessment of the potential individual victimity of students," allows you to quickly and accurately obtain the necessary information. The technique developed to identify potential individual victimity, as well as information-diagnostic system will help to timely detect and prevent occupational traumatism, so you can manage professional risks . The research results of victimity among youth in correlation with the level of volitional self-regulation. The results of this research will help in the future to implement the program correction level of victimity, psychological correction, prevention of victimity , as the earlier we start dealing with this problem, then greater chances for a positive outcome and decrease the level of victimity among young people. It is proposed to conduct a study with the help of information and diagnostic system for students of high school senior students to determine proficiency in selected occupations and correction capabilities to reduce occupational traumatism.

    Keywords: professional selection , occupational traumatism, victimity

  • The work culture of the person as a component of culture of safety

    Problems of culture of work, as a necessary element of forming a culture of safety, one of intensively developing directions of modern educational theory and practice. The work culture is seen as a complex subsystem of General culture of a person. The aim of the research is the analysis of the structure of forming a culture of safety. As the method is used theoretical analysis. There were two main blocks - obserwowac culture and professional culture of the engineer. Obserwowa culture develops ideas about the kinds of work and working methods, positive work attitudes, personal readiness to mastering the skills of General and professional. In the professional culture of the engineer were divided into three components: information, organizational and innovation. The availability of information culture of a specialist implies the possession of theoretical knowledge, practical skills and abilities. As part of the organizational component of professional culture tanned such components as the workplace organization, creation of safe and harmless working conditions. Innovative component provides support and development of creative potential of personality. Thanks to the work culture, people are not only able to meet their physical needs, but also to solve problems of self-development, self-improvement and self-esteem.

    Keywords: culture of safety, the culture of work, obserwowa culture, professional culture, information culture, a culture of innovation.

  • Development partner master program "Intelligent Systems in Medicine"

    The article discusses issues related to the development of a new affiliate master program " Intelligent Systems in Medicine" National Research Tomsk Polytechnic University and Siberian State Medical University . The main prerequisites for the creation of such a program was the presence of an agreement on strategic partnership between TPU and SSMU , as well as the absence of complete analogues of the proposed master's program , either in Russia or abroad. The project is an extension of an existing master's program "Applied Mathematics and Computer Science " , in which over the last few years has trained more than 20 master's theses related to the use of mathematical modeling in medicine and the development of health information systems . topics of the project. Will also be used for more than twenty years of experience training at the Department of Biological and Medical Cybernetics, Siberian State Medical University

    Keywords: Affiliate Master Program, intelligent systems in medicine

  • Functional and cost characteristics of medical information systems: experience of the system analysis

    The hierarchical classification of medical information systems (MIS), accepted in article, is proved. Authors present main goals of MIS various types usage, including directory and information-analytical support of acceptance (choice) for diagnostic, medical, administrative and other types of decisions; medico-statistical calculations performance and so forth. For separate units of the medical equipment the functional purpose of their software is analyzed; its structure and cost; used communication protocols with MIS of the medical institutions (MI). For MIS of MI-scale is considered in detail necessary functionality; costs of creation, introduction and operation (including costs of hardware, telecommunication equipment, personnel training, all-system software and so forth). Concerning MIS, applied to management of regions health care sphere, their functional tasks are presented, some features of complex MIS are specified. In article is specified role of «federal level»-MIS in control system of the health care sphere. Authors investigate necessary levels of information and communication competence of patients, medical, technical and administrative personnel of MI - from positions of development, introduction and operation of MIS. The expedient directions and methods of ensuring such competence are analyzed.

    Keywords: medical information systems, hierarchical structure, functions, cost, development, exploitation

  • On the question of the influence of water bodies in the basin of the river Kuban growing problem of iodine deficiency

    The paper analyzes the influence of anthropogenic and climatic factors and changes in aquatic ecosystems Kuban basin on the growing problem of iodine deficiency. The analysis allows to see that the additional impact of complex human influence adversely affects the incidence of thyroid disease population zhelezy.Predstavleny recommendations for addressing environmental health and reduce the risk of iodine deficiency disorders.

    Keywords: anthropogenic load, Pool Kuban River, iodine deficiency disorders, goitrogenic effect preventive measures.

  • Ecological forecasting of water pollution Heavy metal

    Long found a direct link between the quality of drinking water and human longevity. Heavy metals getting into our bodies remain there forever, you can get them only with the help of milk proteins and porcini mushrooms. They poison human body, they are also mechanically clog it - heavy metal ions deposited on the walls of the body and thinnest systems clog channels kidney, liver channels, thereby reducing the filtration capacity of these organs. Accordingly, this leads to an accumulation of toxins and waste products of cells of our body, i.e. self-poisoning organism. Ecological forecasting is based on a miscalculation of the possible future behavior of natural systems under the influence of both natural processes and anthropogenic factors. It is therefore advisable during environmental monitoring use spatial modeling of pollutants in the aquatic environment, which will allow to visualize the distribution of pollutants and to reveal the dynamics of pollution. The results of modeling the distribution of pollutants into waters of the Gulf of Taganrog.

    Keywords: Ecological forecasting, environmental monitoring, drinking water, heavy metals.

  • Valuation quality of water by hydrochemical indicators in water intakes places of Taganrog.

    The main contence of this article is a valuation quality of water in water intakes places of Taganrog. A specific combinatory index of pollution of water is used for valuation quality. In this article is considered dynamics of the main polluting substances around water intakes.

    Keywords: maximum permissible concentration specific, combinatory index of water pollution, quality of water, critical indicators ofwater pollution, sulfates

  • Efficiency of reception of drinking mineral waters to improve psychosomatic state after surgery for breast cancer and fibrocystic mastopathy

    Studies show that in 2 months after surgery for breast cancer the next stage of the adaptation process is formed – the stage of exhaustion, the original state of the main links of the pathogenesis of cancer restores. In addition the symptoms of psycho-emotional tension grow. To study the possibility of improving psychosomatic state after cancer operations through resort treatment we analyzed the influence of the course of mineral water of Source 7 and Source 17, especially the prolonged intake of the mineral water of Source 7, on psychosomatic state of a person. Analysis of the results showed that in case of prolonged intake of the mineral water of Source 7 there are significant changes in most of hormones in the blood, we also stated a significant decrease in all symptoms of the disease. The data obtained give grounds to make a conclusion about expediency of restorative therapy of patients early after surgery mastectomy for breast cancer with prolonged reception (during 2 months) of low mineralized drinking mineral water of Source 7.

    Keywords: Psychosomatic state, breast cancer, restorative therapy, drinking mineral waters.

  • Cognitive functions of dilemma in light of artificial intelligence problems

    The analysis of cognitive functions of dilemma are undertaken to show the substantial character of thinking and limits of its formalization in AI programs. Substantial features of complex dilemmas are considered, the concept “solution of dilemma” and “resolution of dilemma”, as well as the task of choosing between the dilemma alternatives are analyzed. It states that resolution of dilemma is a formal-logical algorithm of inference, provided by the axiomatic status of dilemmas; the solution of dilemma involves the disclosure the contradictions and searching for new relations between its terms and alternatives. This thesis is proved through the task taken from life experience of G.S. Altshuller (Russian inventor). Distinctive features of moral dilemmas formalization and the meaning of non-logical factors for its solution are discussed. The limitations of programming the morally qualified AI systems implemented in rigoristic ethics and natural law terms are shown.

    Keywords: dilemma, contradiction, Artificial Intelligence, thinking

  • Transformation mechanism of vibrations in the body

    The effect of sound, music and vibration on human body has been studied. Considering that many tissues of living body are in the electretic state, there is a possibility of direct conversion of acoustic wave and vibration into electrical current. Special opportunities of SCENAR-therapy, owing to high intensity and wide frequency range of vibrations used in SCENAR-devices, have been marked.

    Keywords: Electret microphones, the electret effect, bioelectrets, sound, music, vibration, acoustic wave, SCENAR-therapy.

  • Seat of the theory of functional systems in the decision of problems of psychology

    Article contains an attempt to consider a place of the Theory of functional systems in the solution of problems of psychology. The system of representations and the terms accepted in the Theory of functional systems, system of ideas of activity of neurons, operational very tectonics are generalized and described. The conclusion is drawn that the Theory of functional systems can't be until or accepted for the solution of problems of psychology. For today the methodological problem is solved only by application of integrated approach.

    Keywords: The integral approach; the system approach; system psychophysiology; the theory of functional systems; the system-evolutionary theory; functional systems.

  • The experimental assembly for research ability to manage the ultrasound beam as it passed through a layered medium

    The article describes the experimental setup is designed to test the ability of manage the ultrasonic beam as it passes through the layered media. In this paper we consider a methodology of research, justified the choice of material for the simulation layers of biological tissues. The article describes the characteristics of the developed installation and positioning methods acoustic transducer. Solution of the experimental research allowed us to estimate the deviation of the "maximum" acoustic pressure (in the transverse distribution) by passing through the layered media and to determine the influence of the sound velocity in the transition layer on the distribution of acoustic energy in the region of space.

    Keywords: Ultrasound, experimental assembly, layered medium, refraction.

  • The control system of air inclusions in blood plasma during hemodialysis

    Hemodialysis is a complex process requiring the increased control of some parameters, such as dialysis dose, blood perfusion rate, ultrafiltration, blood volume, its composition and etc. To solve the problem of control the blood during dialysis was designed the monitoring system of air inclusions - air bubbles. A very important part of this system is the ultrasonic air detector. It is set to venous blood highway - at the exit of blood from the dialyzer, and determines the presence in the cleaned blood any air inclusions by measuring the velocity of ultrasound in the analyzed multiphase medium - the blood, thus informing the doctor about the quality and security of hemodialysis procedure.

    Keywords: Air embolism, bubble trap, air detector, speed of ultrasonic vibrations, the pulse-frequency method of measurement the ultrasonic speed.

  • System suppression of external disturbances for magnetoencephalography

    The system that provides suppression external to the object magnetic disturbances during magnetoencephalography was developed. Register magnetic fields of the brain can detect features of the functioning of the CNS and to determine normal or pathological activity in human regulation systems, reflecting the functional state of human health. The designed system consists of a device for registration of external magnetic fields - fluxgate magnetometer, compensation module external magnetic field - coils Helmholtz, device register magnetic fields of the brain and compensate for a homogeneously magnetic field generated by the device of compensation of external magnetic fields.

    Keywords: Magnetoencephalography, fluxgate magnetometer, coils Helmholtz, induction magnetometer