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Social Technologies: Development Trends


Social Technologies: Development Trends

S.G. Furdey

Incoming article date: 12.12.2013

The article analyses the processes of social life technologization, their role in the development of contemporary society and mankind as a whole. The main trends in the development of social technologies are described in the article. Special attention is given to the scientific approach, the use of scientific methods in the technologization of social actions, the modeling of social processes and technification of social work. The article is of a research nature because it identifies the main problems of a research subject associated with various aspects of social technologies and their potential application in social life. It explores the use of both universal and specific social technologies; explores their phasing and sequencing. The article proves the impact of knowledge of theoretical aspects of social technologies on research in sociology and social philosophy, as well as the practical application of social technologies, allowing one to use their research capacity in social practice.

Keywords: social technologies, technologization of social life, modeling of social processes, sequencing, phases of social technologies, universal social technologies, specific social technologies