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Artificial intelligence: the danger of inflated expectations


Artificial intelligence: the danger of inflated expectations

Bazhanov N.N.

Incoming article date: 23.07.2023

Currently, digitalization as a technological tool penetrates into the humanitarian sphere of knowledge, linking technocratic and humanitarian industries. An example is legal informatics, in which conceptual devices of quite different – at first glance – areas of human knowledge are interfaced. However, the desire to abstract (formalize) any knowledge is the most important task in the "convergence" of computer technologies and mathematical methods into a non-traditional humanitarian sphere for them. The paper discusses the problems generated by the superficial idea of artificial intelligence. A typical example is the attempt of some authors in jurisprudence to give computer technologies, often referred to as artificial intelligence by humanitarians, an almost sacred meaning and endow it with legal personality.

Keywords: artificial intelligence, deep learning, machine learning, hybrid intelligence, adaptive behavior, digital economy, digital law, legal personality of artificial intelligence