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Information processing using a VGA adapter for an FPGA camera


Information processing using a VGA adapter for an FPGA camera

Dzhabrailov Kh.A., Seleznev V.S., Abdulkhanova M.Yu., Antonova E.O., Dzhabrailov I.A.

Incoming article date: 21.04.2023

This article describes the first stage of the research work on the development of an FPGA-based camera for vehicle identification tasks, which are widely used in automated weight and size control points. Since the FPGA is an alternative to conventional processors, which features the ability to perform multiple tasks in parallel, an FPGA-equipped camera will be able to perform the functions of detecting and identifying vehicles at the same time.Thus, the camera will not only transmit the image, but also transmit the result of processing for problem-oriented control systems, decision-making and optimization of data flow processing, after which the server will only need to confirm or deny the results of the camera, which will significantly reduce the image processing time from all automated points of weight and size control.In the course of development, a simple VGA port board, a static image program for displaying it on a monitor in 640x480 resolution, and a pixel counter program were implemented. EP4CE6E22C8 is used as FPGA, the power of which is more than enough to achieve the result.

Keywords: system analysis methods, optimization, FPGA, VGA adapter, Verilog, recognition camera, board design, information processing, statistics