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  • Geoecological assessment of groundwater in Rostov region

    The paper considers the main factors determining the quality of underground water deposits within the RO, done hydrochemical and geoecological assessment of groundwater RO. The entropy of the groundwater ecosystem is calculated. It was found that most of the deposits have an entropy of less than 30%. that is, the water is clean enough, not experienced external influences. However, the water quality has deviations in individual indicators from the requirements of SanPiN, which can be eliminated by conventional methods of water treatment.

    Keywords: groundwater, hydrogeochemical heterogeneity, classification of groundwater, drinking water

  • Calculation and assessment of the impact of the constructed hostel on the construction of the existing building in two ways, located at the address: 339th Infantry Division, 12 B in Rostov-on-don

    The calculations and assessment of the impact of the built dormitories on the design of the existing building in accordance with the requirements of SP 22.13330.2011 and techniques of the FEM program Plaxis 2012.01 (Build 8962)

    Keywords: pile foundations, Plaxis program, Geology

  • Calibrating the triaxial accelerometer according to a number of measurements with different orientation

    The problem of calibration of a three-axis acceleration sensor is considered. A number of measurements obtained with the sensor at its different orientations in space are used as initial data for calibration. It is assumed that the sensor is stationary for each orientation variant. The measurement data are averaged at each static sensor position, and the averaged results are used as parameters in a system of nonlinear equations that are solved by the Levenberg-Marquardt method. The results of the proposed method in the article are presented in the experiment with a real sensor, which allows to check its effectiveness.

    Keywords: three-axis accelerometer sensor calibration, the sensor coordinate system, the coordinate system of the gravitational field, the rotation of the coordinate system, the matrix of coordinate transformation, the correction factor, the average value of the me

  • Investigation of partial backup options in the design of fault-tolerant logic blocks in FPGAs

    In this article, we propose methods for designing fault-tolerant structures for Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGAs) by forming an internal structure of macro cells (LUTs), with the possibility of correcting single reversible faults in the circuit’s gates. To improve fault tolerance, the failure tolerance of a typical macro cell was assessed, the most vulnerable areas were identified and the most vulnerable parts of the macrocell were protected by means of triple modular redundancy methods. Depending on the expansion of the protected area, various versions of the built-in redundancy were obtained, and various options for minimizing the built-in redundancy were proposed. Experimental work was carried out to form fault-tolerant ISCAS'85 combinational circuit designs in the basis of fault-tolerant FPGAs.

    Keywords: combinational circuit, FPGA, field-programmable gate array, LUT, logic synthesis, increase fault tolerant, computer-aided design (CAD), fault injection, single event transient

  • Improving the efficiency of operational reliability in terms of organizational, technological and constructive solutions

    The problem of improving the efficiency of construction through the use of advanced methods of labor organization is studied. Proposed improvement works by reducing, modernization of production

    Keywords: organization of construction; operational reliability of buildings; efficiency of labor organization

  • Estimation of consequences in case of deviation from regulatory requirements and costs in construction

    Abstract: the necessity of planning and cost adjustment during construction works is substantiated. The article deals with the consequences of non-compliance with rules and building regulations, which lead to additional financial costs for repair and restoration due to the destruction of both individual structures and the object as a whole. System errors in construction technology during Foundation reinforcement and installation are revealed. Made normative calculations for the implementation of the construction project. The article consists of introduction, two parts and conclusion. In the introduction the necessity of monitoring compliance with industry regulatory legislation. In the first part of the article "cost Planning in construction" substantiates the need for business planning based on economic approaches. Options for the implementation of ecological and safe construction materials in the construction of buildings. In the second part of the article "analysis of deviations from standards in construction" a detailed study of the individual stages of design and construction of buildings, which revealed the harmful effects of both gross errors and minor deviations from the established building standards. Clearly confirmed violation of the rigidity and strength of the Foundation of the building due to non-compliance with construction technology during reinforcement and installation. The algorithm of engineering calculations for the construction of the foundations of the building: schemes of works on pouring foundations and the location of formwork elements, costing and schedule of construction works, ensuring the reliability and safety of the building during prolonged use. The conclusion contains the main conclusions of the article and recommendations on cost planning in construction. In work not only consequences of use of fire-dangerous materials at erection of walls of buildings are revealed, but also constructive recommendations based on knowledge of physical properties of the construction materials providing ecological safety are given.

    Keywords: technical justification, planning, regulations, construction, Foundation, costing, heat saving, waterproofing, thermal protection, fire hazard, environmental hazard, vapor permeability

  • The study of the quality dependence of the decoded image in the JPEG 2000 format on the JPWL parameters and the packet error rate in the noisy channel

    This article discusses image transfer in JPEG2000 format using JPWL antinoise coding via noisy channel with occurrence of packet errors. The main problem is recovery of received image with minimum deviations from input original. The aim of this work is to study experimentally the capability of JPWL protection to maintain quality of received and decoded image depending on the level of packet loss in data transmission channel. The experimental procedure consists of simulation of multiple transfer of JPWL protected image with the size of 1024×768 pixels and packet loss with the coded image data. Variable parameters of the study are: JPEG2000 coding procedure (irreversible conversion), Reed–Solomon codes used for JPWL protection, per cent of packet loss. Regular variant of JPWL protection is considered as well as combination of regular variant with algorithm of in-frame interleaving. The final experimental results are PSNR similarity extent of received and decoded image and input image, average per cent of completely recovered tiles with respect to tile number in code stream. The article describes the software complex developed for these studies, which includes JPEG2000 coder and decoder, JPWL coder and decoder, means of code stream dividing into RTP packets, simulating means of packet loss, assembling of frames from RTP packets. Operation flowcharts of JPEG2000 coder and decoder are described. It is mentioned that under conditions of packet errors JPEG2000 decoder should be able to process partially damaged or absent tiles. In-frame interleaving of code stream is described aimed at improvement of its stability with regard to packet errors. Three hypotheses are formulated. Hypothesis 1: in the case of packet loss the regular JPWL extension is unable to maintain quality of received and decoded image. Hypothesis 2: in the case of packet loss the regular JPWL extension in combination with algorithm of in-frame interleaving maintains the quality of received and decoded image. Hypothesis 3: in the case of packet loss and with application of algorithm of in-frame interleaving the PSNR value of received and decoded image depends statistically on the number of tiles completely recovered by JPWL decoder. As a result of the experimental study, all the hypotheses were fully confirmed.

    Keywords: JPEG 2000, JPWL, packet errors, noise-immune encoding, decoded image quality

  • “Rozmysly” public open engineering forum of scientific and technological activities, social and technological entrepreneurship

    The project for creation of the first in Russia Engineering Forum of scientific and technological activities, social and technological entrepreneurship “Rozmysly” is presented, this forum develops the principles of an open public interdisciplinary electronic environment. The substantiation of the social significance of the project is given. The new project implies involving an even wider range of practitioners, research engineers, young scientists, applicants, graduate students, students and even senior pupils in scientific engineering knowledge by providing them with the opportunity to publish, read and discuss the results of promising research and development works, engineering solutions, inventions and rationalization or innovative proposals in the form of an electronic preprint. Conceptually, the project represents a new culture of scientific publications based on global and mini Internet platforms. It is shown that the basic advantage is achieved through the implementation of an open access initiative. From the date of publication, the material is available for the widest possible range of readers. The project is a kind of an interdisciplinary scientific and technological engineering forum.

    Keywords: site, Internet platform, engineering forum and storage, open access, preprint, foresight

  • Impact interaction of the particles with thin layers of particulate materials

    The article deals with the issues of impact interaction of particles with layers of dispersed material of different thickness. The influence of the interaction velocity and the thickness of the substrate on the appearance and structure of the collision result is investigated. It is established that at low speeds there is a crater formation while the particle is on the substrate surface. With the growth of the interaction rate, the formation of a crown is observed, and particles penetrate into the substrate material. Experimentally determined the values of the velocity and thickness of the substrate, corresponding to the beginning of the formation of the crown.

    Keywords: particle, blow, flow, splash, reflection, speed, stream, the bulk material flow, the recovery factor of speed, the substrate

  • The application of numerical methods for solving air exchange problems through enclosing structures that have physical wear

    The article is devoted to the problem of determining the air flow through cracks in the enclosing structures using numerical methods. Based on the study of the data obtained during the visual inspection, it was found that most of the apartment buildings have significant physical wear, which is mainly characterized by the presence of cracks. Particular attention is paid to the assumptions made for the design scheme. On the basis of the equations of dynamics and continuity, a mathematical model is obtained that allows one to predict the airflow through the crack

    Keywords: physical wear, air mass flow rate, crack, permeation, water steam, heat and mass transfer, controlled environment, visual examination, air change, air permeance, numerical methods

  • Assessment of the degree of protection of groundwater of Kuibyshev district of the Rostov region

    The aim of this work is to study the degree of protection of underground waters of the Kuibyshev district of Rostov region. The study area represented by the geological deposits of Quaternary (recent sediments) Qh, Neogene and Paleogene systems (Oligocene) P3, Cretaceous (upper division) K2 and the Carboniferous system (upper, middle and lower portions) S1,2,3 based. On the analysis of geological structure of water-bearing rocks in the Kuibyshev district of the Rostov region, which showed an insufficient degree of protection of underground waters against pollution and, as a consequence, insufficient supply of public drinking water, built map of underground waters protection of the Kuibyshev district of the Rostov region

    Keywords: groundwater, Geology, classification of water, pollution, drinking water, rural settlement

  • Designing an efficient design of an absorbing apparatus

    Providing the claimed performance characteristics of the absorber throughout its life is the most important task that ensures the correct operation of the coupler. Increasing requirements for increasing the speed of movement and the volume of freight traffic make it urgent to increase the reliability of the absorbing apparatus by improving the design of its components and components (housing, friction plates, wedge, etc.).

    Keywords: Absorbing apparatus, friction plate, cermet, surface wear, defects in absorbing apparatus

  • Research of mathematical model of redundancy information system

    In this paper discussed the main problems when choosing the optimal reservation of information systems. The algorithm of optimization of redundant information systems. Defines the basic concepts of developing mathematical models of redundant information systems. Given and illustrated by an example of calculation of the main reliability characteristics of a redundant information system.

    Keywords: mathematical model, simulation, redundancy, information system

  • Application of warehouse equipment for mechanized installation of floor structures during the erections of frame houses with a flat slab

    The article discusses the possibilities of using forklift trucks (stacker-reach trucks) for mechanized installation of dividing walls, when cast-in-place slabs are assembled or manufactured. It is emphasized that in the early 1980s similar equipment that didn’t have a series production, was used in the construction of buildings by the lift-slab method. Some technical characteristics of the old equipment and modern warehouse equipment are compared, the advantages of the modern are revealed. It is noted that the simultaneous use of warehouse equipment on several floors of the erected frame building can lead to a significant reduction in the construction time. It is also indicated that the stacker-reach trucks used at the construction site are multifunctional, since they can not only transport construction cargo but also serve as an auxiliary equipment for safe work at a certain altitude when performing welding operations and fixing joints.

    Keywords: precast and cast-in-situ frame building, mechanized installation of dividing walls, remote site, forklift truck, stacker-reach truck, working site

  • "Construction of translucent roofs. Part 2. Innovative technologies and materials "

    This paper logically continues the first part of the work describing roof construction with the use of translucent materials. The analysis of the current tendencies in the construction of roofs for sports and entertainment facilities showed that the contemporary studies are focused on the development of sliding roofs and the most recent trends feature façade and roof coatings made of ethylene copolymer and tetrafluorethylene based (ETFE) film. This paper discusses the most prominent advantages of membrane cushion roofing in the light of the summary analysis covering the articles of foreign authors. It mentions that ETFE cushion roofs are also used to restore buildings and structures of historical significance. The paper goes on to suggest a new structure of sliding roof and describes the construction technology taking into account the experience of building ETFE cushion roofs.

    Keywords: sports, entertainment facilities, sliding roof systems, construction technology, ethylene copolymer and tetrafluorethylene based film